How did you and Richard meet each other?

Richard and I met when we used to work next door to each other in Leicester Square. We got talking one day and we were instantly attracted to one another.

How did Richard propose?

He proposed on Phi Phi Island in Thailand

Why did you chose Fennes as your Wedding venue?

We chose Fennes because my favourite painting is Monet’s Japanese Bridge. Fennes has Japanese bridge in its beautiful garden and when we came to the venue I also realised that the 1st Pavilion was like my blank canvas to transform into exactly what I wanted.

Your Wedding dress was really beautiful, what made you chose it? Who was the designer?

My dress was by Maggie Sottero and I chose it because of its unusual low back design. I love crystals so my dress had to have crystals but I don’t like frills and fuss.

Please tell us about you colour scheme and theme

Our colour scheme was ivory, silver, fusain pink and bling. I wanted to create a magical, fairy tale princess theme but modern and stylish.

Where there any funny moments on the Day?

The funniest moments of the day were my dad’s and brother’s speeches. My brother was my husband’s best man (lol one of). They were both extremely funny describing me and Richard to a tee.

Now you have been there done that in hindsight is there any thing you would have done differently?

No we wouldn’t do anything differently. Our day really was perfect!! :-).

What were the highlights of your day?

“There is no one highlight of my day, the whole day was amazing, from the start with bridal preparations through to next day at breakfast with family and friends.”

Now you have been there done that in hindsight is there anything you would have done differently?

“No, I would not have changed a thing – people say take things slow and soak in the day – that is very true, but even as I said it to myself it’s hard to do, you get swept along.”

Photography by: Helena Amor Photography

Floral Design by: Charlotte Slade

Crystal Table Decorations from: The Wedding Lounge