Despite being steeped in tradition, weddings are always evolving. Whether it’s wedding dress trends, theme types, entertainment options or receptions, there is always something new to consider when you’re planning your big day.

One of the more popular innovations is the midweek wedding. Couples seem to be more open to including weekdays into their wedding planning than ever before. While Saturdays are still the firm favourite, weekdays are gaining fast.

Here at Fennes, we have seen a significant increase in midweek wedding bookings over the past couple of years. It’s good for us and good for you. We can spread out expertise across the week instead of concentrating it on weekends and you get a lot more freedom and get to save money too.

Fennes can offer a midweek wedding package Monday to Wednesday for £3500 and a Thursday for £4500 this offer is until March 2015. That’s quite a saving compared to a weekend rate and the rates of other venues in the area. If that wasn’t reason enough to consider a midweek wedding, we don’t know what is!

There are considerations that need to be made if you are thinking about one though.

Send Out Notifications Early

If you are planning a midweek wedding at Fennes or anywhere else, send out your Save the Date cards or invitations as early as possible. The more notice you give your guests, the longer they have to make arrangements.

A midweek wedding may involve days off work and school or babysitters may need to be arranged. The longer you give guests to arrange all that, the more likely they are to be able to attend.

Plan Your Route Carefully

If you’re driving to the venue, either you or your driver will have to factor extra time in for midweek traffic. Roads are often quieter at the weekend and much busier during the week. It’s a small consideration, but there’s being fashionably late for your wedding and then there’s being late!

Arrange Accommodation

Some guests will need to overnight to make your wedding if it is during the week so it pays to check room availability at the venue when making arrangements. If you can provide a room to change or spend the night, you increase the chances of your guests being able to come.

Afternoon Ceremony

You may like to consider an afternoon ceremony for a midweek wedding to offer extra flexibility to your guests. Those nearby might only need to take a half day and those having to commute could avoid rush hour and get the kids to school if they have them. That’s one less school run they have to make arrangements for.

Midweek weddings at Fennes are an opportunity to have your wedding cake and eat it. Weddings cost less, offer much less competition for dates, provide opportunity for longer celebrations and can allow you to have the best of all worlds.

Contact Fennes today if you’re interesting in a fabulous midweek wedding!