Where did you get engaged and how long had you been together before hand?

“We got engaged in Tenerife after being together just over a year and a half.”

How many venues did you visit before you chose Fennes as your wedding venue?

“Visited around four venues as well as Fennes.”

How did you feel when you first visited Fennes, did you know straight away that you wanted to get married here?

“First feeling and thought was ‘wow…we have to get married here’ ”
“Perfect for us both.”

What was your first step of wedding planning? Venue search, dress shopping, choosing a date, etc.?

“Venue and dress!”

How many months/years in advance did you book your special day?

““We booked the venue 12 months in advance.””

What were the highlights of your day?

“Everything! The flow of it, the food, the venue, the party, the people…best day of my life!”

Now you have been there done that in hindsight is there anything you would have done differently?