The fashion world has come on leaps and bounds throughout the past few years. But what seems to have remained the same is wedding attire. We know many people like to follow tradition and stick to the same old white dress for her and tailored suit for him, but why be the same as everyone else?

We’ve pulled together some of our favourite alternative wedding outfits for both sexes; it’s just up to you to decide which one you like best! And which one you’ll think will match the rest of your theme, including the venue. We like the fact that all of these outfits will contrast against the Fennes house as your backdrop. Just take a look at our gallery to see…

1. Colour

Or lack of, as the image below suggests. Make a dramatic entrance with a shock of colour, something that your guests won’t be expecting. It’s your wedding day, so why not do it exactly how you want?

2. Gender equality

Who says you need to wear a dress on your wedding day? Or a suit for that matter. Why not have one bride in a suit or one bride in a dress? Disappointingly, however, we couldn’t find any images of wedding dresses for men, but kilts are the closest thing we could find. Try two different coloured suits for groom one and groom two.

3. Fabric

You can have a lot of fun with fabrics on your wedding day. Don’t think you’re limited to silk dresses and fitted suits; there’s a whole range of materials out there that can add an extra bit of interest and quirkiness to your day.