Choosing the wedding cake is often one of couples favourite parts of wedding planning. However, it can be a trickier task than you think, with lots of things to think of. Below we take a look at 5 factors you need to consider when picking your wedding cake.

Struggling to think of a design? Use Pinterest

Many brides have had the picture of their perfect wedding cake in their head for years but for some, thinking of a design can be really difficult. As well as discussing with your chosen cake maker, this is where social media comes in, especially Pinterest. There are literally thousands upon thousands of different wedding cake designs on there so get yourself signed up (it’s free) and you’ll soon have lots of ideas to work with. And why just have one? At Fennes, we have had weddings with multiple cakes!

Choose your cake maker with care

Getting the right cake maker is crucial. Just like fashion designers, they all have their own style so it is crucial that this fits in with your tastes. Here at Fennes we always suggest using the services of The Couture Baker, Jennifer Cakes or Pretty Gorgeous Cake Co whom have never failed to impress with their wedding cakes. They are flexible enough to work with any style and medium and you’ll get a cake that you and your guests will have fond memories of for a long, long time

Be honest about your wedding cake budget

Getting the best wedding cake you can is all about communication and trust. It is of critical importance that once you have chosen your cake maker that you tell them your budget as well as what you want. They will work with you to give you the very best possible cake that doesn’t break the bank. Don’t be worried that by revealing your budget they’ll try and wring you for every penny, good cake makers are very proud of their reputation and wouldn’t do anything to tarnish it.

Portions will dictate the size of your wedding cake

The number of people you need to serve is far more important than the number of tiers that you have on your cake Ensure that your cake is of a relative size to the size of your wedding to avoid any awkward moments when you might run out of cake or have far, far too much to deal with. If you do have a relatively small wedding but still want a big cake, talk to your cake maker about adding dummy layers.

You get what you pay for

There are lots of extremely cheap wedding cake makers that pop-up from time-to-time but you should treat these with caution. Unlike more established business who have a hard-won reputation, they could just as easily disappear again and you could be left cakeless at your wedding! The fact is, you get what you pay for with wedding cakes and by using an established provider like the ones we recommend such as The Couture Baker, Jennifer Cakes or Pretty Gorgeous Cake Co. you’re not going to just get a great cake, you’ll get a service that you can rely on and that is priceless if your wedding is going to be the big day of your dreams.