Being a best man is one of the most important roles in any wedding. But the real hard work begins much earlier than that. We take a look at some of the things the best man’s role consists of.

Before the wedding- Planning and support

With more and more grooms getting much more involved in the planning and organisation of weddings, it’s logical that best men will be asked more to provide their input at times. However, the most important role pre-wedding for a best man is to provide support to the groom. Whether they have pre-wedding nerves or have a ‘bridezilla’ for a bride, chances are they are going to be living in an unfamiliar world of bridesmaid dresses, invite designs and floral bouquet styles. It’s up to the best man to provide support and advice through this period and be there for the groom when they are needed.

The stag party

Perhaps the best part of being a best man and the most exciting. It’s also the part that can go severely wrong! The best man should know what the groom will like so whether it’s a boozy weekend in Blackpool, a cheeky trip to Amsterdam, a booze-up in Dublin or an extreme sports weekend, it’s up to them to ensure that it’s a success and that all the arrangements are in place. And most importantly? The best man needs to make sure the groom gets home in one piece! Then you can always bring some of the stag do onto your wedding and carry on the fun…

The suit

The best man may be asked about the suits being hired for the big day. Going with the groom to try them on, it’s the best man’s job to provide advice and guidance. The bride may have a very definite look in mind for the men’s’ suits do even if the best man doesn’t like them, it’s up to them to be supportive and go along with it

On the big day- Get the groom to the venue!

Whether the groom is ice cold cool about the big day or a nervous wreck on the road to a mental breakdown, it is the best man’s job ‘to get him to the church on time’. Even if the best man is nervous about the speech, getting the groom dressed smartly and to the venue has to take priority. At Fennes, you can get to us early, have some chill out time, and enjoy a a drink in the bar beforehand to calm the nerves.

Organise the ushers

There may a number of ushers at the wedding and they may or may not have a good idea of what they are supposed to be doing. It’s the best man’s duty to take charge and organise the ushers and ensure everybody knows their role, what to do and when and where they should do it.

The ring

The best man is in charge of the rings. A relatively straightforward job, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be checking their pockets every five minutes!


Some wedding photographers are great at getting everyone organised for the wedding photos but it can be a big job to get everyone assembled, so all help is welcomed. The best man (or Maid of Honour) is the perfect person to round everyone up and ensure everyone who needs to be there is present for the photographs.

The speech

 The best and the worst part of the best man’s role! A great source of pride that the groom has asked you to be the best man and give a speech, it can also make some people sick with the thought of standing up in front of a room full of people and speaking. Generally, they are never as bad as people think they are going to be and many best men actually end up enjoying it!

Getting the party started!

Most best men’s day gets infinitely better once the speech is out of the way and the pressure is off! Once the now happily married couple have had their first dance, it is traditional for the best man to dance with the chief bridesmaid and get the party started. It’s also a nice touch if the best man is the point of contact for the DJ, caterers, bar staff etc so the happy couple aren’t bothered by anything on their big day.