We might live in the age of social media where if we’re organising a party we may simply send a Facebook message to invite people. But a wedding is a little bit more special than a party isn’t it? That means, however modern and tech savvy you may be, physical invitations are expected and can give your wedding that extra bit of sparkle. We take a look at some of the considerations you should make when choosing your wedding invitations and other wedding stationery.

Does your wedding have a particular theme or style?

The invitation is going to be your guest’s first indication of what your wedding is going to be like so you need to get it right. That means as well as giving the guests all the relevant information such as date, time and location, the style of the invitation is going to speak volumes to your guests about what your wedding is going to be like.

Size and shape

Traditionally, all wedding invitations tend to be the same size and shape which is fantastic for most people. However, if you want something that little bit different, a good printer will be able to work with you to come up with something a little bit different in terms of shape and size. Just bear in mind though the practicalities such as posting them and whether the size may increase postage costs (which can soon mount up).

The text

Once you have your style, colours and design sorted, it’s time to think about the text on the invitation itself. Talk to your printer and they can not just show you good examples of styles of text, but of what to put as well. Take your time to look at these examples and then make your choice.


Vital before your invitation order is printed is that you check, recheck and check again your order. You’ll get a copy of your invitation (either a hard copy or or by email) for you to take a look at and you need to check this over with a fine toothcomb to ensure it is 100% correct. Once you are fully happy with it, you can sign off the order and they can be printed.

Consider ordering more

Some invitations may get lost in the post, you may have forgotten to invite some people and there may be some last minute invitations you want to make. For this reason, it’s always a good idea to order a number of extra invites. You and other close family members may want to keep a copy of one as a memento too.

Consider your other wedding stationery

Whilst ordering your wedding invitations, don’t forget to think about your other wedding stationery too. Things like thank you notes, programs and menu cards are important too so why not order them at the same time? It’s also a good way to ensure that all your wedding stationery has a cohesive and consistent look.

Send a stamped, self addressed envelope

Yes this can add to your expenses but there is nothing worse than not having exact numbers for a wedding. When sending your invites, by adding a stamped, self addressed envelope makes it easy for people to let you know whether they will be coming or not. In a world of SnapChat and instant messaging, there is something delightfully traditional about this too.