As wonderful and as special as weddings are, if your guests are there both day and night, it can be an incredibly long day. If you are in the planning stages of your wedding, it is worth keeping in mind the welfare of guests during the day as you want them to have a great time and not get bored or disillusioned at any point. Below we take a look at some simple ways to make your wedding as interesting as possible ensuring that your guests are entertained and made to feel included all through the day and evening parts of your wedding.

Ensure your guests know the schedule for the day

It’s vital to keep your guests engaged with your special day by ensuring that they know the schedule of your day. That means they should know what is going on and when. There are several different ways of doing this. Two of the most popular are hiring a wedding coordinator who will help the day run smoothly and ensure that all of your guests know exactly what’s going and where they should be. At Fennes, we will assign you your own Personal Wedding planner once you book anyway! Another option is to have an itinerary printed that all guests are given when they arrive. Or maybe on a sign around the venue.

Food is crucial

Food is one of the easiest ways of keeping people engaged with your wedding an entertained. Having plenty of Canapé options throughout the day will help stave off any boredom such as when the wedding photos are taking place. Ensure you have some in the evening as well, weddings can be a long day and little snacks are perfect to keep people’s energy up. At Fennes, we have lots of different food options to choose from, such as Fish and Chip Canapés, to our Around The World Buffets.

Organise some activities

Some weddings have a great big chunks of time where there isn’t actually much to do for guests. More and more wedding couples are now organising activities to keep their guests engaged and entertained. What should those activities be? That’s completely up-to-you but it’s always a good idea to keep in mind what you guests would enjoy rather than what you would enjoy. You could have a singer or performer to entertain your guests whilst your having your pictures taken.


Yes, they may now not be the novelty that they once were but the fact is, people cannot get enough of a good photobooth. They add such an element of excitement that they are perfect for those parts of the day when there’s nothing much for guests to do. They are perfect for all ages and it provides people with memories to cherish long after the wedding day has come to an end. For the price of a day’s photo booth hire, it really is a good investment for your day. We love Photo Booth Express! They have lots of different types of booths.


Games are always an option for your wedding and lots of people like getting involved and having a lot of fun. There are lots of options but lawn games are always fun. If you’ve got lots of kids coming too, it’s worth having something for them to do too as it can be a long and tiring day for the younger ones. And maybe hire a Casino for the evening too!