Your wedding day is supposed to be the one of the best days of your life and whilst it is for many, it can also be extremely stressful!. Here are some top tips to ensure your wedding day is as stress-free as it can possibly be….

Do you really need that manicure/pedicure on the morning of your wedding?

As the bride, it is understandable that you want to look at your best for your wedding, but on the morning of your wedding, do you really need that manicure? That pedicure? Of course, in a perfect world they may be very nice to have and will leave you feeling and looking great but most wedding mornings are hectic to say the least! Therefore, it can often be a good idea to just stick to the basics, hair and makeup. Get them booked in a couple of days before. You can do without the added stress of trying to get everything fitted into a really tight schedule, sit back, relax and enjoy your wedding morning!

Avoid checking on your venue before the wedding

There is a BIG temptation to ‘check-in’ at your wedding venue on the big day to see if everything is going to plan and your pre-marriage visions are coming to fruition. It really isn’t a good idea. You are much better waiting for the big reveal when all your beautiful ideas can be revealed together in harmony just as you imagined them. By going in when it is being transformed you will only get yourself stressed. Instead, have a close trusted friend check-in on it if you must.

Designate someone to be in charge of gathering everyone for photographs

So much time can be wasted getting everyone together for photographs and you don’t want to be the one wandering round trying to find everyone. Instead, get a close, personal friend to agree to being in charge of the photographs and getting all the relevant people together. Ideally, this should be someone who knows the vast majority of people at the wedding. Doing this will make your day that little bit more stress-free.

Have some time alone with your new spouse

This is essential!! During many weddings, the day can run away with itself and you may not find yourself with any time to enjoy a little bit of alone time with your new Husband or Wife. If you can, even if it is just for 5 or 10 minutes, have some alone time somewhere during the reception. Time to have a little drink and reflect on what a great day you’re having can help make your day that little bit more special and memorable and is a great time-out for you both to gather your energy for the rest of the reception!

Go with the flow

Finally, go with the flow! It’s your wedding day so as long as you, your spouse and your guests are enjoying it then that’s all that matters! Don’t stress yourself out just go with the flow, eat, drink, dance and be merry, it’s your wedding day!