More and more brides are making the decision to get married in winter. Not only does that give them the best choice of wedding venues and suppliers, it also means that the wedding budget tends to stretch that little bit further. If you’ve made the decision to get married in the winter, we take a look at some of the ways to make your winter wedding that little bit more special.

Accessorise your wedding dress

If it’s going to be cold when you get married, it means that you get to buy some fabulous accessories for your wedding dress. There’s a whole host of choices that include veils, cardigans and warm fake fur wraps. You can even go for a bespoke winter wedding dress with long sleeves. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to be warm, snug and fabulous!

Ideas for the groom

You don’t want the groom to be shivering whilst waiting for you at the altar so when you’re planning the groom’s outfit, why not go for some winter fabrics such as velvet? Velvet is really warm, looks fabulous and will ensure he looks dashing whilst waiting for you at the altar.

Don’t forget what’s under your dress!

If your winter wedding is on a day that is particularly cold then you would be wise to invest in some really thick tights to wear under your wedding dress. Don’t worry if they are not the most flattering of clothing items, nobody will notice under your wedding dress! The same goes for the bridesmaids too, you don’t want them to be too cold to carry out their duties!

Travel time

For your winter wedding, it is sensible to factor in extra travel time, just because bad weather is more prevalent in the winter. Even if your wedding venue and reception venues are very close to each other, always allow for that little bit more time to travel between them just in case there is snow, ice or heavy rain.

Consider having just one venue

One thing that many couples like to do for their winter wedding is to have just one venue. This removes the need for any travel between the ceremony venue and the reception venue. This makes for a much easier day and can often be a much more cost-efficient way of doing things too. At Fennes, we can do it all for you! Have your Ceremony and Reception with us without the travel hassle in-between.

Hot drinks

Traditionally, many couple welcome their guests to the reception with a glass of champagne, but for a really nice winter wedding touch why not have the option of a hot cup of tea, hot chocolate or even a hot toddy? On a particularly cold day, a hot drink may be welcomed by some, and will also add to your winter theme.

Don’t forget a change of footwear

Because the ground underfoot in winter can be somewhat soft and muddy, you don’t want your heels sinking deep into the ground whilst having your photographs taken. Have a spare pair of flat shoes for your photographs and save your wonderful wedding shoes from the mud. No-one will see the shoes under your dress and you can keep your wedding shoes looking like new and as a memento of your big day. Or wear fun wellies and incorporate them in your wedding pictures!