You’ll always have plenty of space

Nearly all country wedding venues have plenty of space, it’s something we certainly have lots of here at Fennes! It’s perhaps the biggest advantage country wedding venues have over venues in town and city settings. As well as generally being much more relaxing and giving the guests the chance to ‘breathe’. It’s also much more convenient in a lot of ways with lots of parking available free-of-charge, plenty of space for children to run and play as well as giving you a great choice of shots for your wedding photographs.

Enjoy your wedding without fear of upsetting anyone

Because country wedding venues like Fennes are set in their own grounds you are free to enjoy your wedding as you choose and can party till late at your reception. This may not be possible in a more urban area where you may have to end the reception by a certain time and keep the noise down to avoid upsetting any neighbours.

It makes the wedding easier for guests

Whilst with urban wedding venues you and your wedding guests may have to stay at a variety of different hotels, with most country wedding venues such as here at Fennes, a bridal suite and other rooms are available for the wedding party which makes things much easier, less stressful and lets guests enjoy the night without having to worry how they are going to get back to their hotel.

A country wedding is much more of an event

Imagine getting married in the city, walking from the registry office to your reception venue as the hustle and bustle of modern city life goes on around you. That’s not really very ‘special’ is it? At a country house wedding venue however, you have it completely to yourself and your wedding for the day which is much more special, much more of an event and a day that people will remember for a long time to come.

You get a first class and dedicated service

Here at Fennes, we are a wedding venue which means we specialise in weddings and do them every week of the year. However, more urban venues tend not to be such specialists and you may find that you don’t quite get the level of service or attention to detail that you would get from the wedding planners here at Fennes or in the rest of the Tabor Group.

You get a mix of the classic with the contemporary

With a country wedding venue, you really do get the best of both the classic and the contemporary. A beautiful classic country house and stunning surrounding countryside mixed with the very finest in modern customer service and wedding planning. If you want that fairytale wedding but don’t want to compromise on service and some of the more modern ideas you have about your wedding then a country wedding venue such as Fennes is the perfect combination of the classic and contemporary.