While it is common for the groom to take a bit of a back seat in the wedding planning, the majority of brides want the groom to be more involved, though are unsure how to make this happen. Most women would not trust their husband-to-be to choose the dress or book the hairdressers, and if he is disorganised by nature, you don’t want him in charge of booking and paying for the one hundred and one different services that are vital to your big day.

The only way to involve the groom more in wedding planning is to recognise his strengths, where his skills lie and what he is good at. Then, you can delegate the parts of the wedding planning that he really will make a difference to, and most of all, he will want to do.

Here are our tips on how to involve the groom more in wedding planning;

Have him design the invitations

Is the groom artistic, good at graphic design, or does he have an eye for what looks good? If so, have him either design the invitations from scratch, or take control of having them designed/made-up. With a guest list in hand, he can also be in charge or writing and sending them out too.

Have him source suppliers

If the groom happens to be a good negotiator, perhaps this is something he does everyday at work, then he might be most helpful sourcing the suppliers for the flowers, wine, catering, and so on, asking for quotes and ultimately negotiating the best deal.

Have him design the playlist

If you are having a disco at your wedding reception, then another job that can be delegated is to choose the music and make up the playlist. Most men will be delighted with this job, although be sure to discuss what you both want before handing over full control.

Have him design the menu

Depending on where you are getting married, it might be necessary to liaise with the chef or caterers, choosing the menu, tasting samples and so on. If your husband-to-be is a keen foodie then this is the perfect way he can help out in the wedding stages.

Have him choose the wine

Again, the groom might be a foodie, and in which case know his wines. If this sounds like him, then putting him in charge of choosing the wine is a great thing to do. This can take time, especially if you know nothing about wine, so if this is something that will suit him, be happy to delegate.

Have him give updates to the family

If the groom is an active Facebook user, or always on the phone or texting friends and family, then he is the perfect candidate for being in charge of updating people on the wedding planning progress. Most parents of the bride and groom want to be kept up to date and this can be a tiring job, phoning the mother-in-law, when all you want to do is have a bath after a long hard day. If this job would suit your husband-to-be then hand it over to him, he could even set up a Spreadsheet for RSVPs, or a Facebook page specifically for the wedding planning.