Whether you are a wine aficionado, or a complete novice who feels intimidated at the thought of having to choose wine, the wine you have at your wedding will have quite a bit of importance. Here we have put together a brief guide in order to help you decide what wine should you serve at your wedding.

Pair the wine with your menu

As with the majority of events that serve food and wine together, it is recommended that you consider the menu when choosing wine for the wedding. However, while considering what type of food is being served, it is routine to still offer both red and white wine at all times. If you are unsure of what exact wines to choose, ask the advice of the chef catering the wedding who will be more than happy to recommend something suitable. At Fennes, you get wine within our package, and an opportunity to try the wines also.

Choose something light

Light wines are better choices for wedding receptions over full bodied and heavy flavours. The wine should not overpower the taste of the canopies, nor the meal itself – instead it should be something refreshing that will let the flavours in the food served shine through.

Go wine tasting

A fun way that you can research wines to serve at your wedding is to go on a wine tasting. This can be done alone, as a couple, or as a group, which can be enormous fun and a good way to involve certain friends and family members in the planning process. By doing an organised wine tasting you will be told about each wine, the history of it, and what it is best served with food wise. Most importantly, you will be able to taste lots of different wines and choose what you think is a good choice. When you have booked your Fennes Wedding, you will be invited to a Planning Evening in which you can try all of our wines, ready for your special day.

Try different brands of wine

Another way of familiarising yourself with various wines for your wedding, is each time you go out to a bar or restaurant, try something new and keep a note of the ones you like. This is something that can be done if you have a lot of time in the planning stage.

Consider your budget

A massive factor in choosing the wines for your wedding will obviously be budget. Decide on your price range before seeking out wine that you like, as this will help narrow your choices. It is said that you should allow half a bottle, to three quarters of a bottle, of wine per person, but this does depend on how many people you know are likely to be drinking it, and how much. A great way to save money when buying wine for your wedding is to buy in bulk, and many merchants will offer an option to return what isn’t used, so you can ensure that you have enough ‘just in case’.

Choosing the best wine for your wedding can seem a daunting task at first, however, as we have demonstrated there are things you can do to familiarise yourself with what you might like the most. Alternatively, if you don’t feel confident, you can delegate the task of choosing the wine to someone else, or ask the advice of your trusted wedding planner.