Hiring a photobooth for your wedding is one of the most popular things to do these days, and it is no wonder if you have ever been to a wedding in which one has been in place. Not only does it provide a whole host of fun, it also ensures that there are heap of fantastic photos for you to look back on as a memory of your special day.

Because there is generally no photographer watching, the people using the photobooth are much more natural and uninhibited and feel safe within the confines of the booth. This allows people to be silly and let their hair down and results in photographs that give a much more natural and truer depiction of your day than the more normal, orthodox type of wedding photograph. With the addition of a box of crazy dress-up wigs, clothes and moustaches, you and your guess will have an absolute riot. But how do you ensure that you end up with the right photobooth for your needs?

Find out what’s available

Google is your friend here. Search for photobooths for hire in your area and you will undoubtedly be presented with a good few results. Then, take a look at all of these websites to get an idea of what is available and come up with what are your ‘must haves’ in terms of features and parts of the service. We recommend Photo Booth Express, they have lots 0f different booths to hire!

What’s in your budget?

Now you know what you want from your photo booth service, it’s now time to see which ones who fit your requirements also fit your budget. This may require some negotiation which it is absolutely fine to do in these situations. One tip we could give here is to always involve your wedding planner if you have one. Here at Fennes , we have very good relationships with lots of wedding suppliers including photobooth hire companies and we can often get you are really good deal from a well established and trusted company.

Get the details right

Photo Booths can be set up in a whole host of different ways which means you need to nail down exactly what you want from your provider. Do you need to think about:

Do you want a fully closed off booth or one that simply has a curtain?
Will your booth allow guests to play around with the photos before printing them?
Is an attendant required?
Is the booth fully automated?
Is there someone on call in case anything goes wrong?
How fast is the print cycle?
Can it do videos as well as photos?

Ensuring that your get all these sorts of details ironed out before you book your photobooth for your wedding will ensure that your wedding day entertainment goes without a hitch. What we would reiterate however is to involve your wedding planner in decisions such as these as they will have hired many photo booths in the past and will be able to guide you carefully through the process of hiring one successfully. It is something we always do here at Fennes.