From the minute that you announce your engagement, as well as a flurry of congratulations, you’ll almost certainly begin to start receiving the first of thousands of pieces of advice that you’ll get before your wedding day. The vast majority of this will be given with the greatest of sincerity and the best of intentions but the fact is that not all of it will be good advice. Ask any wedding planner (who are professionals in the industry) and they will tell you that brides receive really bad advice all the time from their friends and family. It’s not deliberately bad, it’s just misguided. We take a look at some of the worst pieces of advice brides have been given about their wedding day.

Tell guests the ceremony starts earlier than it actually does

This is a surprisingly common piece of bad advice given to couples when sending out their wedding invites. The idea behind it is that you can make sure everyone is there for the wedding in a timely manner and avoid people walking in late. However, manipulating your guests like this isn’t really on. The fact is most guests will arrive a good 15 minutes early anyway and putting the wrong time on invitations could cause confusion for your guests and wedding suppliers.

Let friends and family do everything for you

 We understand that it can sometimes be tough to pay for a wedding and it’s tempting to get family and friends in to do things for you. This is absolutely fine but getting your family and friends to do EVERYTHING for you is usually going to end up in some disaster or another. For example, your uncle may be a keen amatur photographer but can he really shoot those fabulous wedding shots that you’ve always wanted? And then present them in a beautifully presented book after the ceremony? And whilst you may have friends and family who are a whizz in the kitchen and want to cater for your event, are they experienced in catering for that many guests? And why would you want them to miss your wedding? What about if they wanted to make the cake, and something went wrong with that too!  The other thing to consider as well is that by using professional wedding suppliers, there is less chance of friends and family arguing and spoiling your big day.

If you can’t afford to pay for the wedding of your dreams, just take out a loan

Usually a piece of advice from a more irresponsible friend or family member, it’s one that can be very tempting to take. Whilst many couples may pay for a small amount of their wedding on a credit card or take out a small loan, it’s a really bad idea to take out a loan for the whole amount of your wedding or even a large part of it. Yes your wedding day is a huge day in your life but there are other priorities that you may later have that your huge wedding loan may stop you doing. Maybe you’ll want to buy your own home, plan for children or start your own business. It’s generally a much better idea to save as much as you can for your wedding rather than borrow a huge amount of money.