Whether you have always known what sort of wedding dress you want or whether you are open as to what style you require, buying a wedding dress can be fraught with difficulties.

We take a look at the 5 wedding dress buying mistakes you need to avoid…

Buying Too Early

One of the biggest wedding dress buying mistakes is buying far too early. Some Brides choose to buy their wedding dress before they even plan the rest of the wedding and this is not the best idea. This is because wedding plans sometimes change! What might look great in a traditional wedding venue may not look great if you later decide to have a beach wedding in Cyprus!

Bringing Too Many People

It’s really useful to have advice when buying a wedding dress and taking others is a must to ensure that you get the right dress. But don’t think that the more opinions you have the better, it’s not! Bringing an entourage with you just results in confusion and can actually leave you further away from getting the dress that you actually want. Most brides find it is best just to take a couple of people, may their Mother, Sister and Maid of Honour. They need to be people who won’t just say everything is nice on you to avoid offending you but will be honest and say when a dress looks awful.

Trying On Dresses You Cannot Afford

If you have a strict wedding budget, one of the worst things that you can do is to start trying on dresses that you cannot afford. There are absolutely no benefits to doing so and all it will really lead to is heartbreak and disappointment and make purchasing your dress more difficult. When shopping for your wedding dress, you should make it very clear to the sales assistant your budget and ask not to be shown anything out of budget.

Buying The Wrong Size

If you are planning on losing weight for your big day then it can be very tempting to buy a wedding dress for your target size. Unfortunately, for those people that do it can turn into a very expensive mistake as not everyone gets to their target weight before getting married. The best advice is to play it safe and get the dress that is the right size for you now. This doesn’t mean that if you do lose weight it will look all baggy and ill fitting. Most wedding dresses can be taken in up to about four sizes without affecting the look of the dress. However, if you buy a dress far too small, most can only be let out one size at most.

Not Buying A Practical Wedding Dress

Of course wedding dresses should be beautiful and make you feel special but they do have to have an element of practicality about them too. Remember that you will be in your wedding dress all day, standing, sitting, eating, drinking and dancing so it is important that you feel comfortable. Buying an impractical dress can really put a downer on your big day.