We all know how significant a wedding ring is and although many men traditionally didn’t wear one, the vast majority of men now do wear one. Just like a wedding ring, the engagement ring is a physical symbol of you and your loved one’s devotion and love for one another so more and more men are wearing engagement ring too. If you are thinking about buying your loved one an engagement ring then check out our advice below to ensure that you get the one your man will love.

When Should I Buy My Mans’ Engagement Ring?

In recent years, it has become more and more common for women to propose to their boyfriends but these instances are still in the minority. Many men may actually buy their own engagement ring when they buy their girlfriend’s ring as many jewelers do great deals when you buy more than one ring.

Even if you do decide to propose to your boyfriend, it may be best not to buy a ring until after he has accepted your proposal as he may not want to wear one. We suggest choosing both your rings together is a great idea and one that you will both enjoy.

What Style Of Mens’ Engagement Ring Should I Buy?

Generally, you will find that men’s’ engagement rings are of a much simpler style than women’s. The vast majority of men prefer to have a plain band although there is a growing number of men who like to have a bit of ‘bling’ on them. Stones are usually placed in a channel setting, so that they are flush with the band; a more masculine look than a higher setting. Unlike female engagement rings which often feature one large gem, mens engagement rings more often have a few smaller gems or just one but in a much less prominent position. Silver and platinum are the most popular metals, as is white gold. Engravings can be made on the inside of the ring with a simple message or date of your wedding day.

Are There Alternatives To Men’s’ Engagement Rings?

Yes, if your man doesn’t’ like to wear jewellery or would much rather wear something else then there are alternatives available. A good quality watch or a pair of quality cufflinks can be a great choice and like a ring can be engraved with a special message or a particular date. They can often be bought cheaper too than a ring which may be a good idea if you are having to save hard for your wedding. You may be able to think of another alternative maybe something related to his likes or hobbies but whatever it is make sure it is something that will last as long as your engagement ring.

Buying an engagement ring for your man isn’t something you have to do but in certain circumstances it can be a nice touch and it can help the groom to feel a bit more included in the run up to your wedding.