There are several iconic parts of your wedding day and the first dance is one of them. But how do you choose which song that you should dance to? We take a look at five things to consider when choosing your wedding song…

What Songs Mean Something To You Both?

This goes without saying really but your wedding song should really be something that means something to both of you. That special first dance is something that you will both remember for many years to come so ensure that the song is something that will continue to mean something to both of you and that it’s something you will both look back fondly on.

What Songs Mean Something To You Both?

It’s worth knowing the answer to this question for two reasons. Firstly, you may want to carry on some sort of tradition and maybe have the same first dance song as your parents or grandparents. The other reason is that you may want to avoid having the same wedding song as a member of you family or one of your friends.

Don’t Forget To Read The Lyrics

It’s important that when you have a shortlist of wedding first dance songs to choose from that you read the lyrics. Why? Because whilst some songs may have a very nice melody and seem to be very nice and innocent, some songs may not mean what you think they do. So, for example:

● Every Breath You Take by the Police is actually about being a possessive and controlling stalker
● The Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams is about sex
● Poker Face by Lady Gaga is about her experimentations with bisexuality
● Waterfalls by TLC is about HIV, AIDS promiscuity
● Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler is about vampires!
● When September Ends by Green Day is about a dying father.

Consider Your Guests

You may want to consider the tastes of your guests when choosing your first dance song. This may especially be the case if you and your partner have very unique musical tastes and want something very specific such as a punk song or something very dance orientated. You may decide against this if many of your guests wouldn’t like it but the fact of the matter is it’s your wedding so if you really want to do it, do it!

Make Sure Your Song Suits Your Dress

Finally, make sure your song choice suits your dress. What do we mean by this? Simply that if you want to be one of the many couples now that do a full dance routine to their favourite song, then if you’ve got a huge dress and train, it’s not going to really work is it? Therefore, you may want a more traditional slow song to dance to with your partner.