When planning your wedding day there is so much expense involved. With everything that relates to a wedding costing more than it usually would, usually considerably more, it is no wonder that couples are looking for alternative ways to save money. One such way is to consider a joint stag and hen party.

A joint stag and hen party may be something that fills some couples with dread. However, it need not be a negative affair. It doesn’t mean that one party wants to check up on the other or that they don’t want them to have fun. Both people can have a fantastic, fun evening while spending time together too. If you want to make memories with your partner before you get married, that involve your wedding party, then this is a great way to do so. Here are some tips to consider when booking a joint stag and hen party:

Save yourself money

You can save some money. If you are looking to hire out a club, or other venue, then you can make the most of the space that you are paying for. Likewise if you are hiring bartenders, or other staff, then you can maximize the value for money. Also, you’ll only have to do this on one occasion, not two. This can add up to a considerable saving that could be better spent on other aspects of your wedding.

Set some rules in advance

Be realistic. Is your spouse going to want a stripper or other form of adult entertainment? If so settle on what you are happy with together. Perhaps you don’t want to have that type of entertainment, the type that seems to be the norm. Instead you could consider alternatives like fire breathers, podium dancers or other entertainers. There are lots of forms of entertainment available for hire and costs can be surprisingly low – even for acts that may have appeared on television talent shows.

Potential downsides to considering a joint stag and hen party

Childcare issues

If you already have children then you are going to need childcare. Also, if your friends and family have children already too then they may be in the same situation. This can be an added expense, or inconvenience. However, money will be saved for all involved by only attending one party, instead of two. This will particularly affect partnerships where both spouses would be invited to a party each.


Do you really want to see your partner receiving a lap dance? Looking at a stripper? Drinking too much? These are things to consider when booking a joint stag and hen party. Perhaps you want to spend the majority of the time together but then have a small window in the evening to go off and spend time with your own friends and family.

A joint stag and hen party can be a fantastic way to spend time together, save money and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. While some people may have a negative opinion you need not let this affect your decision. Only you and your spouse know the happiness of your own relationship.