Alcohol plays a part of most weddings, and the number one type of drink that is associated with weddings is wine. Sparkling wine and champagne are integral to the wedding toasts and celebrations and many bride and grooms choose to provide at least two other types of wine, one red and one white. But how do you decide what type of wine to serve? Are more expensive wines better than cheaper ones? How much wine will be enough? We take a look at some of the considerations you need to make when choosing wine for your wedding.

How Much Wine Should I Order?

Running out of wine at your wedding is a big no-no and can seriously ruin your big day. If you have a wedding planner then they will almost certainly be able to tell you how much to order based on their experience but if you are doing things yourself, then there are some basic ratios you can work from.

For the toasts, a standard sized bottle of Champagne or sparkling wine (75cl) will provide 6 flutes. For a wedding reception or toast you’ll need 2-3 glasses per person. So for 100 guests you’ll need at least 100 x 2 glasses = 200 flutes, or 34 bottles.

For the meal and party, as a general rule, allow half a bottle per person then add a margin for safety. WIth regards to types of wine, it is usual to split it 50/50 between red and white.

For example, a standard sized bottle of wine (75cl) will provide 6 small wine glasses (125ml). So one case of wine (12 bottles) will provide 72 glasses. So for 100 guests you’ll need 100 x 3 glasses = 300 glasses, or 50 bottles.

What Type Of Wine Should I Order?

Like we said earlier, most people choose to split their wine choice for the meal and party equally between red and white, but you may want to add some rose in too. But what types of these wine should you order? Popular choices are:

Red Wines

Merlot (taste: Watermelon, strawberry, cherry, plum)
Shiraz (taste: Blackberry, boysenberry, plum, pepper, clove)
Cabernet Sauvignon (taste: Bell pepper, green olive, herb, cassis, black cherry)
Pinot Noir (taste: Tomato leaf, beet root, pale cherry, blackberry, cola, plum)
White Wines

Sauvignon Blanc (taste: Herby, bell pepper, apples)
Chardonnay (taste: Vanilla, toast, coconut, toffee)
Pinot Grigio (taste: Spicy, fruity)
Riesling (taste: Fresh apples)
Rose Wines

White Zinfandel (taste: Strawberry, cotton candy, lemon and green melon)
Grenache (taste: Fruity, zesty)
Sangiovese (taste: Fresh strawberries, green melon, roses and yellow peach)

If you’re unsure, why not get together with some of your friends to try some? After all, they’ll be amongst your guests. You’ll get a good range of opinions and you’ll have a great time trying them all out too.

If you are not a wine buff, then choosing wine can be a little bit intimidating but it needn’t be. Go with what you like and not what you think you should like and don’t be afraid to ask your wedding planner or friends for advice.