You have got your gorgeous engagement ring and now the wedding plans are underway. You may be thinking about seating plans, booking your dream venue and finding the wedding dress. Now you might find yourself wondering should you get a wedding website? It seems to be increasingly common now and can be a fantastic way to keep your guests informed about your special day. Here are 4 reasons why you should get a wedding website:

It doesn’t need to be expensive

Creating your own website does not need to be expensive. For just a few pounds per month or year you can create a gorgeous website that matches the colour theme of your wedding. With wedding costs spiraling you may be wondering just how cheap a website can be purchased for. If you are happy to create your own website, and want to purchase a custom domain, then you can spend considerably less than £100. There may be annual costs involved with keeping your domain name so ensure that you look into this first.

It allows you to communicate to all your guests for free

If you are fortunate enough to have lots of family and friends that you want to share your day with then this is a great way to do so. Instead of sending texts, making telephone calls or writing impersonal emails you can allow your friends and family to see your fantastic website and share in all of the updates around your Wedding day. Once you’ve spent the money on your website then this part is absolutely free. You can write as many updates as you need to and you could even have a special guestbook area for people to leave comments about your upcoming big day.

You can display your guest list

If you want to allow all of your friends and family to see who else is going to be attending then you can do so on your Wedding website. This will allow you to avoid any awkward conversations regarding friends or family members that you have chosen not to invite. Also, it allows people to see who else they are going to know at your Wedding. You can keep track of your guest list yourself and this is fantastic when it comes to creating your seating chart.

You can provide people with details of your wish list

If you are going to be creating a wish list for gifts then you can link to this from your Wedding website. This will allow people to purchase an item that you can make use of and should avoid you receiving 3 teapots and multiple sets of His and Hers mugs. Many guests are happy to see a wish list these days, as it makes it possible for most people to find something suitable within their budget that they know you will be happy with.

Once you have enjoyed your wedding day, and your Wedding website has served its purpose, you could use it to share photographs from your big day or even thank your guests for their attendance.