Are you having children at your wedding? If so, you may have started to think about how you are going to keep them entertained during the day. Wedding days can be long days and for many children whose attention span isn’t all that great, they can be a bit boring just down to the sheer length of the day.

That’s why it’s a really good idea to think about some ways to entertain and engage them throughout the day to ensure that they are having fun. This means that they’ll enjoy the wedding better, their parents will and ultimately you will! We take a look at some ideas below.

Consider hiring someone

All of the our ideas can be done without the help of a professional that you have paid to look after the children, but they are so much better if you get someone in. Of course there may be some people at your wedding who don’t mind keeping their eyes on children whilst they do an activity but is that really fair on them if they end up doing it all day?

Putting part of your budget aside to have a dedicated person to look after children at you wedding is a really good idea and lets everyone have a really good day at your wedding.

Outdoor games

If your venue has a decent amount of outdoor space than having some good old outside fun playing some old school games is a great idea. Whether it’s a game of rounders or cricket or some fun lawn games such as hopscotch, lawn bowling or Twister, the kids will have a whale of a time. Other ideas include hula hoops, skipping ropes and kites.

Arts and crafts

Having a table set aside for some arts and crafts is a really good idea and one that kids of all ages will love. Kids love to mess about with paints and textiles, so get a mini area that’s full of arts supplies and let them get creative. You could have soe wedding themed crafts such as decorating a cake, designing a wedding dress, making cards for the bride and groom or even making DIY masks for a photobooth.

Movie room

If your venue has a separate room that could be used for kids, this could be a great place for them to watch movies. Keeping kids happy by setting up a quiet area for them to watch childrens moveos is a really good idea. Add in some pop and popcorn and you could give them a real cinema like experience!

Kids photobooth

Kids love to dress up so why not consider a kids photo booth? They’ll have hours of fun with lots of dress up items and photo props. Include items like funny hats, tutus, feather boas, and the ever-popular mustache on a stick.