Getting engaged is immensely exciting, but it also heralds the start of a lot of hard work! Planning your wedding takes a lot of time and effort but is a lot of fun too. If you’ve just got engaged but have no idea where to start planning your big day, then check out our tips below!

Set a timetable

As soon as you announce your engagement, you’ll be inundated with people asking you when the wedding day is. In reality though, you won’t be able to set an exact wedding date until you have made some other major decisions, such as choosing and booking your venue. What you can do though is to determine a range of dates that will work for you. Think about what season you would like to get married in and whether there are any major events or family holidays that you would like to avoid. Also think about how long you want to plan your wedding, you often need longer than you think!

Set your budget

Next is to sit down and go through financing your wedding. This may involve just you and your partner or your families too. You need an overall figure which you can then begin to work with on how you will spend it. Talking about finances can be uncomfortable but it is very important that you are open and honest about how much money you have to spend and that you are realistic about your spending.

Choose and book your venue

Before you do anything else, you need to choose and book your venue. That means no trying on wedding dresses, looking at cakes, talking with photographers or booking wedding transport. Your choice of wedding venue is key to the success of your big day so choose wisely! Here at Fennes, we advise you to book as early as you can as we are one of the most popular wedding venues in the country and if you visit you’ll see why.

Draft your guestlist

Once you know how where your wedding is going to be, it’s time then to sort out your guestlist. This can be one of the most time consuming parts of organising a wedding as it can be difficult to whittle it down to an acceptable number as well as ensuring that you invite the right people.

Work with your consultant

Perhaps the best bit of advice is to work with a wedding consultant. Here at Fennes, our wedding and events managers are here to guide you through every moment of your wedding planning and ensure that you have the perfect wedding day. Whether it’s help with choosing a wedding photographer, florist or transport, they will have all the answers you need and are a great sounding board for any ideas that you have.

Follow our advice above and you will have a great foundation for your big day and your wedding will be the perfect event that you have always dreamed of.