From hosting a free bar to having an array of custom cocktails to fit your theme the drinks options for your wedding are endless. We take a look at some of the drinks you should consider when planning your wedding.

First: Think about your theme

Firstly, think about the theme of your big day and the time of year your nuptials are taking place. Are you aiming for a relaxed summer vibe where Pimms or peach bellinis would go down nicely while chatting to your guests in the gorgeous grounds as the sun (hopefully) shines as brightly as the new ring on your finger? Or are you a Christmas couple looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere with some mulled wine or even a hot toddy? There is certainly plenty of choice.

Champagne or prosecco?

Champagne or prosecco is a popular choice for many couples who have just tied the knot and who would like to offer a glass or two to each guest to toast their nuptials. Bubbly is a drink that usually appeals to many different age groups and both male and female will often partake; an aspect worth considering when planning the finer details. Make sure you taste test the bottle that will be served to ensure you get the right choice for you and your guests.

If you’re more of a prosecco fan, then feel free to go ahead with that instead of Champagne. Prosecco is almost unoversally popular


At most weddings you will find that wine is served with the wedding breakfast and this will most likely be red or white unless otherwise discussed. Take a good look at the options available and be sure to organise a tasting. f you not a wine connoisseur take someone who is. Alternatively, talk to your wedding planner, they’ll be able to help you pick the perfect wines for your big day. Wine is very subjective and there are large varieties of both red and white wine, so it can be a good idea to have a few options available to suit all palates.


Your wedding should reflect your taste and style as a couple and many people are now offering a range of cocktails that hint at their personality. This gives you a chance to offer something refreshing to your guests and have a little fun – Rhubarb raspberry fizz or mint mojito anyone?

Non-alcoholic options

You should also think about non alcoholic options and this can be incorporated into your theme just as easily. Mocktails, alcohol free fizz, orange juice served in a flute or for a vintage twist why not try pink lemonade served in Mason jar? These can be perfect for any children that are attending too.

Whatever option you choose be sure to discuss with your venue. Here at Fennes, we’re always here to help you make the right choices to ensure your big day is the best that it can be.