Not so long ago, being forced to arrange a wedding due to an unexpected pregnancy was highly embarrassing, shameful even. Now, however, times have changed, and modern society has opened its eyes to the reality of twenty-first century relationships.

Modern Couples Defined In Numbers

The Office for National Statistics found that, in 2017, ‘just over half of all live births were born to parents who were married or in a civil partnership (51.9%); however, 67.3% of live births born outside of marriage or civil partnership were to parents who lived together.’ This shows an ongoing trend in couples living in partnership whilst unmarried. recently conducted its own research into marriages in Britain, finding that couples currently wait on average 4.9 years before making the commitment to get married, having lived together for a period of approximately 1.83 years prior to the nuptials.

In fact, living together before getting hitched has reportedly increased by 1500% since the 1960s!

These figures alone prove that society has moved on from the idea of union by marriage being holy and sacred. That said, this changes nothing about how special the exchange of wedding vows is even to this day.

Below, we consider why a quick marriage is sometimes one of the most convenient of reunions!

Quickie Weddings: Rebuilding A Bad Reputation

Being pregnant means you have a truly infinite bond
The moment that you conceive, you and your partner are tied by blood. There is absolutely nothing that can lessen the importance of this union, which is why even couples who wind up divorced will always have a connection if they share offspring, regardless of how good or bad their circumstances are.

Getting wed whilst expecting can make your future together all the more exciting
Getting married marks the beginning of your future together, but what if your future is your present? If you have already committed to being devoted parents to your unborn baby then you can now visualise what your future holds – and that can be so exciting!

Marry in haste; stress and negativity erased
It probably won’t catch on but what we are highlighting here is that wedding planning can put a huge strain on even the strongest of couples so, by cutting down the time that you have to plan, you are also slashing the time in which you have to worry.

When you have no option but to make fast decisions, you tend to spend less time worrying about the choices you’ve made.

Getting married as expectant parents means that your child is a part of the big day
With a child already on the way on the day of your marriage, your baby is a part of the proceedings. He or she may not be there to remember the occasion, but you will have fond memories of the day which you can talk to your son or daughter about in the years to come.

Being able to showcase your bump in your wedding dress gives you a 2 for 1 deal!
A wedding photographer will take photos of you and your other half looking your absolute best on your big day. What better way to remember your pregnancy glow than in a professional shoot that doubles up as a wedding and maternity bundle?

Being sober on your wedding day gives you an excuse to renew your vows in the future
Let’s face it, being sober on your wedding day isn’t every bride’s idea of fun. However, why not turn it into a positive and use this as a reason to start thinking about renewing your vows? That way, you can join in the next set of celebrations with an alcoholic beverage!

Moving fast can save you money in the long run
Embarrassing shotgun weddings are well and truly a thing of the past, with quickie weddings being desirable because of the fact that they can save the couple heaps of cash. Who will be laughing now?!

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