Let’s face it, no one wants any disasters on their big day and, at a time where tensions are running high, even the silliest of things can send a bride over the edge!

Some suggestions for before the wedding…

As if you haven’t got enough on your hands in the run up to your nuptials, here are a few things for you to consider which might make your life a lot easier in the long run!

Set up a separate email address for wedding correspondence

Getting hold of a separate email address for any wedding correspondence is definitely a good idea for all couples if they want the run up to their big day to be a little less stressful. You can easily do this for free by creating an account with Yahoo, Outlook or Hotmail. The best part is finding your alias – you can have loads of fun joining yours and your partner’s names together!

Print off two or three copies of address labels

When printing out labels for your ‘Save the date’ cards and wedding invites, print up to three copies so that you can have your labels ready to attach to envelopes when you post out your ‘Thank you’ cards after the event.

Try on your wedding shoes after midday

Experts say that you should ideally try on new shoes later in the day as the average person’s feet gradually swell during the first few hours of the morning. So, by scheduling your shopping trip in the afternoon, you could save yourself from getting blisters on the day.

Place tea lights in the freezer 24 hours before the big day

Did you know that if you put candles in the freezer the night before you intend to use them, you could extend their life by up to twice the normal burning time? While the candles may be slow burning, keeping the atmosphere alight for longer can help to get your party off to a flying start!

Ideas for the big day

Okay, so all these need to be planned ahead of time, but it is on your big day that you and your guests will see the huge benefits to the following great hacks!

Hide a handkerchief in your bouquet
You never know when your emotions could get the better of you, so some brides like to wrap a handkerchief around their bouquet… just in case!

Get a sheet cake to hand out to guests
You’ve probably gone through the arduous task of tasting wedding cakes in the run up to your wedding (rolls eyes!), so you’ll want your guests to share in that experience by offering them a piece of the final masterpiece. But cutting a three-tier cake is no easy feat so many caterers like to have a sheet cake that they can use to quickly and easily hand out the cake. (If you don’t want to shell out for an extra cake, some cake makers are happy to ice polystyrene tiers to maintain the illusion of a majestic cake!).

Use baby wipes for deodorant marks
Don’t let deodorant marks ruin any dark bridesmaid outfits on the day! Keep a pack of baby wipes handy and use these to wipe away any unsightly white stains.

Pack flip flops for the evening

Bring flip flops to your venue to change into after the official photographs if you want to save your feet. To ensure that you get all the ladies up on the dance-floor with you, you could provide a basket of flip flops or budget sneakers for them to help themselves to.

Heel guards for stilettos

If any part of your wedding is to take place outdoors, you might like to provide heel guards for women wearing stiletto shoes to stop them from sinking in the mud and ruining a pair of lovely high heels!

Getting lipstick stains out of the wedding dress

And as for the bride’s worst nightmare, getting make up stains out of your wedding dress isn’t as hard as it sounds. Ideally, you should wet the corner of a clean towel or cloth and gently blot the stain, working in circular motions around the edge and slowly making your way into the middle of the stain.