In all the excitement of going to taste wedding cakes, it can be easy to forget just how important the culinary masterpiece is at a wedding! The cutting of the cake is such a huge part of the day’s proceedings, symbolising the first activity done as a married couple.

This charming tradition (along with the first dance and the bouquet toss) dates back to Roman Times, when then it was said to represent the end of the bride’s innocence and the beginning of her role being obedient to her husband. Thankfully, images of the happy couple cutting their wedding cake now grace photo albums because of the sweet and romantic connotations that surround the ‘pièce de résistance’ rather than the bride’s journey into submission!

So with the cake still being so central to any modern wedding day, how do the bride and groom decide which one to go for?

Types Of Wedding Cake

Obviously, there are many different types of cake that you and your partner can choose from, and this will often come down to whether you wish to conform to ancient traditions (without being submissive to the historical meaning of wedding cakes!) or your personal preference.

Nowadays, wedding guests can feast on chocolate sponge cakes, carrot cake, vanilla-flavoured cake and much more… some couples even surprise their family and friends by dismissing the sweet option altogether and opting for a towering ‘cheese’ cake (made from various types of cheeses, decorated in an elegant fashion).

By far the most traditional wedding cake is still the fruit cake, however, topped with icing or a layer of marzipan and decorated to suit the theme of the overall wedding.

If you’re unsure what filling you’d choose, then come and visit us at one of our Open Days to get the opportunity to taste some samples from our most valued caterers.

Ideas For Wedding Cake Design

Traditional Designs

The conventional wedding cake is made up various tiers, with one large piece at the bottom and the smallest and highest section topped with a display, like figurines of the bride and groom, a personalised cake topper or another centre-piece of interest.

Cakes are usually iced white or light in colour with extra details that reflect the theme and colours of the wedding day. For instance, if the bridesmaids are wearing cool tones and the flowers are blue and cream, then most couples will request that their cake is dressed similarly.

Unique Wedding Cake Designs

Moving on from the above, it is less common but not unheard of to see more whacky wedding cake designs as of late. As we’ve already mentioned, you don’t even have to offer a sweet option to your guests and can go down the route of displaying a huge cheese and fruit board or platter as your focus during the sit-down meal.

Yet, if you do want to entertain your guests’ taste buds with a tasty, sugary option, then you can have a go at collaborating with your cake designer to create something truly spectacular. This could be a cake with several towering tiers (some of which can be filled with polystyrene to save on time and cost!), or something that is visually creative (like a wedding cake design which appears to be toppling over, for instance).

Let your imagination run wild with the help of show-stopping cake designs featured on Pinterest!

How To Choose A Wedding Cake Designer/Maker

If you aren’t sure where to start your search for wedding cake inspiration, then do not fear! Below is a list of our trusted suppliers who have created uncountable successful cakes for our Couples.

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