Just A Few Of Our Favourite Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding décor is one of the most exciting things to plan when organising a wedding – for instance, what theme will you pick? Which colours will you choose? How will you dress your tables? How will you tie this in with your bouquet and bridesmaid’s dresses?

Having seen so many fantastic decoration ideas over the many years during which Fennes has been holding weddings, we’ve put together some of our favourites to help you choose the best ideas for yours!

One of our favourite themes

If you follow our Facebook or Instagram page, then you will already know that we have seen some beautiful weddings in our history, yet the choices made by brides and grooms never cease to wow us! No two weddings are the same, which is good to remember when seeking inspiration for your own big day without wanting to risk a “copycat” wedding reception.

A standout theme in our books is this rustic metallic one that continues throughout each aspect of the wedding décor. Chairs are draped in vintage lace whilst tables are adorned with long bronze table runners topped with sparkling sequins in earthy colours.

We just love how this creative couple have used old fashioned glass containers in all shapes and sizes to display their wild flowers in too!

A display we loved

When it comes to decorating your wedding venue, there really is nothing better than making it your own. To really personalise the space, you can opt for flower displays chosen by you, photos of you and your partner, or you might like to introduce a few pieces that mean something to you both.

Some of our recent lovebirds put together a fantastic display of photographs showing their journey as a couple, alongside some items that sum up their union. A paper aeroplane and a pair of Jack Daniels bottles were among the personal items, all of which were displayed in a beautifully pared down, rustic display of wooden crates.

Who knew that such simplicity could be so inspiring?

A top wedding table décor idea

As if weddings weren’t already centred around love, one loved up couple decided to show just how much love they shared for one another, as well as their friends and family, by making their table décor all about love. Pink balloons spelling out the word featured among some of the blush, hot pink and white decorations, along with giant balloons adorning each table to mark the places where their love has taken them during the course of their relationship.

Love really was all around at this big bash!

As we cannot mention all of the wonderful ideas our happy couples have thought of over the years, please do visit our website and social media sites for more inspiration for your upcoming nuptials.

Whether it’s help choosing colour themes you are after, some ideas on how to dress tables and chairs, or even some inspiration for your wedding aisle, it’s all there waiting to be discovered on our Finishing Touches page!