As you excitedly RSVP to a friend’s wedding invite, you’ll probably already be planning what outfit you might wear when she marries her one love. As a wedding guest, you are pretty much free to wear what you want – within reason!

The last thing you want to do is cause upset at someone’s wedding because of your choice of clothing so let’s just run through some of the basic dos and don’ts for picking your dress…

Don’t wear white

The most obvious ‘no no’ is, of course, wearing white to someone else’s wedding. Even beiges, creams, peaches and other very pale colours that could be mistaken for ivory are off limits unless you want to deal with the wrath of an unhappy bride who feels upstaged on her big day.

Check the colour theme

Admittedly, you cannot always be sure what the bride and groom’s chosen colour theme is, especially if they are purposely keeping it under wraps. However, to avoid turning up and looking like one of the bridesmaids, ask your friend (if you are close enough to not sound like you’re simply being nosey!) or take note of the colours used on the wedding invite (which often reflect the theme which the couple have gone for).

Adhere to the dress code

If the celebration is a black tie event, then be sure to wear your glitziest, most glamorous ball gown yet if the pair are keen to have a casual affair then respect their choice by wearing something rather less fancy (NEVER wear jeans to a wedding though!). Your pal may even be dead set on a costume party or a particular theme (like a roaring 20s Gatsby turnout, for example) which you should also adhere to.

Don’t wear black

While black is an elegant and smart colour to wear in many settings, a wedding just isn’t the right occasion for it. General wedding etiquette states that this dark colour is too morbid for a celebration of love, even though an LBD is one of the most flattering dresses a girl can find! You’ll have to opt for your LRD instead.

Don’t go bold

Okay, I know what you must be thinking: “what exactly can I wear then?”! Bold colours can work in some circumstances but do avoid overdoing it with a neon one-piece or all over leopard print as these could be a little bittooeye catching and take attention away from the bride herself.

Don’t wear anything risqué

This may sound a bit strange (because who dresses inappropriately for a wedding?) but, it has to be said. Leg-bearing, cleavage-showing outfits are out of place at an elegant reception and should be saved for a night out on the town. Moreover, any risky undergarments should be carefully considered (with a particular mention to ‘going commando’); could you imagine the horror on (not only) the bride’s face if a gust of wind was to reveal a little more than was bargained for during the photos?! No underwear should make an appearance during the festivities, no matter how wild the night becomes!

Check what your friends are wearing

Last but not least, it’s always wise to ask your friends what they plan on wearing to the event, so as not to duplicate outfits. For instance, if you and your mates like a shopping haul in Topshop, then you’ll no doubt come across the same dress lines in the run up to the wedding… and nobody wants to turn up at an event to find someone dressed identically!

If you are need of some fashion inspiration for the upcoming summer wedding season, then keep an eye on our social media accounts, photo gallery and blog where you’ll find images of previous weddings and what their guests wore.