It’ been months, if not years, in the planning, and now it’s nearly here – it’s your one week countdown! If you thought that the months and months of planning were hectic enough, then hold your breath a little longer as there’s still a lot to think about until you can finally relax! But, don’t worry, it will all be worth it.The last few days in the run up to the wedding are very busy times for the bride and groom, but particularly for the bride who will probably have a range of hair and beauty appointments to fit in.While it may feel like you are here, there and everywhere this week, try to enjoy being pampered and allow yourself to feel good about yourself.

What does the last week before the wedding look like for a bride-to-be?

As we’ve mentioned, there are various treatments that a lady might like to have done before her big day. Below, we give you an example of when to schedule these appointments to get the most out of the last week before you say “I do”!

7 days to go…

Hair colour

Whether you have chosen to have some foils in your hair or to have a colour or toner put on, then doing so a week before the wedding will give the highlights/colour enough time to settle down and look more natural, and with this timeframe you won’t have to worry about roots. What’s more, a week gives you plenty of time to fix any hairdressing nightmares that may occur!

3-2 days to go…


Most spray tans last for up to one week, gradually fading around the five day mark. Ideally, you will have booked a consultation with your local salon to discuss your tan (desired effects, whether you’ve used fake tan before, if you have any allergies or skin conditions, etc…) and they will have confirmed when is best for you to attend your appointment.

Most brides, rather than seeking a deeply tanned look, prefer to achieve a ‘glow’ so beauticians advise that getting your tan done around two or three days before the big day is the optimum time. According to them, three post-tan showers is the key to that perfect sun-kissed glow!


Whether you shave or wax is all down to personal preference but if you opt to have a beauty therapist to complete your waxing ritual then you should book this in around this time too (if you regularly use wax and don’t react to the treatment then maybe opt for your leg and underarm wax the day before your tan as it could otherwise interfere with the pigment balance).

1 day to go…


The last thing you want is to have a chip in your nail polish when a photographer is itching to take up-close pictures of your engagement and wedding rings but, thankfully, this process can be left until quite late. Having gels or acrylic nails shouldn’t affect any of your other beauty treatments so you can safely book a trip to your nail technician the day before your nuptials if you so wish.

1 day to go… (You’re getting married today!!)

Hair styling

With your colour now bang on, it’s time to get your hair styled. If using a professional, they will usually come to your house, to the venue if you plan to get ready there, or some will open their salon early for you and your bridal party. You may or may not have a make-up artist working their magic on you at the same time too!


Finally, besides putting on your gown, there’s only one more thing to do until you are all beautified and prepped for your wedding day – your make-up, of course! Leaving this all-important step until the last minute (even if it does make you late, as every bride should be) is the best way as you can expect lots of laughter, memory sharing and perhaps even a few happy tears when getting ready with your squad.

If you haven’t booked your beauty treatments yet, then take a look at some of our recommended professionals and suppliers!