If you haven’t been to a wedding before, we are about to enlighten you as to what you might expect from this wonderful day!

Everyone loves a good wedding because, despite it being a long day, guests are more often than not wined and dined for an entire day (that’s lunch, dinner, snacks and beverages!) whilst in the company of some fabulous friends and new acquaintances. What’s more, they get to see their loved ones declare their love for each other and join in matrimony. Nothing quite compares to the memories made at a special someone’s wedding!

What Happens At A Wedding When?

If you have been to more than one wedding before, you will probably have noticed that most are structured in a similar way (give or take a couple of hours). If you have never been to a wedding, however, and you are trying to figure out timings for your own, here’s how they generally go:

2:00pm The ceremony

2:40pm Cocktails & Canapés are served to guests

3:00pm The couple have their Photographs taken

5:00pm Guests are seated for dinner

5.15pm Couple makes their entrance

7:00pm Speeches begin followed by dessert

7:45pm The cake gets cut

8:00pm Evening guests arrive

8:30pm The couple has their first dance

9:00pm The DJ is in full swing and late night buffet food is served

12:00am The DJ and the bar wrap up

Thankfully, the time in between each part of the day is made shorter by being surrounded by great people and, of course, the flowing fizz! But don’t overdo it before getting a taste of the wedding breakfast (which, as you can see, is served around dinner time).

During the break between the ceremony ending and the wedding breakfast being served, the couple along with the bridal party will normally be taken away by the photographer to get some intimate/family pictures, and other guests may be asked to join afterwards for a group shot

Taking A Look Behind The Scenes

For your guests, a 1.30pm start gives them plenty of time to get beautified, dressed, maybe do some shopping, have a bit of lunch… some might even do a half day at work!

However, as the bride and groom, the jobs simply never end!

Both the man and woman have a packed schedule on the morning of their nuptials with more than just their daily beauty regime to do, not to mention making sure that all is organised at their venue and that any last minute tasks are actioned.

This, for example, is what you typically might find the couple doing before they greet their guests and say “I do”:

8:00am Shower and eat breakfast

9:00am Check in with the wedding planner and get a glimpse of the venue whilst decorating is taking place

10:00am Hair and make-up / grooming prep begins

11:30am The bouquets and buttonholes are delivered by the florist

12:30pm The photographer takes shots of the bridal party getting ready and drinking bubbly

12:45pm The groom arrives for the ceremony, greeting guests as they arrive

1:15pm The bride departs for the ceremony

The day after is no exception either. Couples don’t have long to enjoy being married as they must often depart from the venue or their hotel by mid morning, taking with them anything that does not belong on the property. This involves a lot of organisation – but at least they have their upcoming honeymoon or mini-moon to look forward to in most cases!