Acts of gratitude aren’t essential, but isn’t that what makes saying “thank you” or offering someone a gift so rewarding? Your bridal party won’t be expecting presents from you. They may even wonder why on earth you are saying “thanks” in the first place! All that they do, they do out of love for you. But if you want to return the favour and show them that you appreciate the time they spent helping you plan your wedding and get ready on the day, then a small offering will go a long way in showing them how much you care. Below is a list of wedding thank you gift ideas for the bridal party.

The Maid Of Honour

Your maid of honour is probably the third most involved person in your wedding planning (that’s after you and the groom, of course!). She’s been there through thick and thin, wiped away your tears and shared in your excitement. She has probably known you and your partner as a couple for many years and was likely among the first to find out about your engagement.

Out of everyone, surely she deserves some loving? And what better way to show your love than to offer her a thoughtful and long-lasting gift like one of the following?

Your choice of gold bracelet or necklace, perhaps engraved or in a design which matches your wedding theme
Her favourite perfume
A spa token or gift experience
A personalised art print
A framed photograph or canvas

The Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids will already be buzzing about the idea of walking down the aisle with you and getting to dress up all nice at your expense, so what they will least be expecting is for you to shower them with gifts too! If you have more than a few girls lined up, then you might want to opt for one of the following reasonable yet priceless presents as a wedding thank you gift for your bridesmaids:

A personalised/embroidered robe (which can be worn for your ‘getting ready’ photos!)
Customised phone cover
A perfume sampler kit
A set of costume jewellery earrings
Individualised hoody with ‘BRIDESMAID’ or your wedding day details on the reverse

The Best Man

Much like the maid of honour, the best man has a huge part to play, even if it is just to provide support to the groom when he gets the ever so common wedding jitters! For keeping him on the straight and narrow (or not as the case may be!), wouldn’t you agree he deserves a medal, we mean reward?! Maybe consider:

A personalised beer glass
An engraved hip flask
A customized tie clip or cuff links
A gift experience
A boy’s weekend away (if allowed!)

The Ushers

With all of the meeting and greeting that they’ll be doing on the day, your ushers will probably be grateful for any recognition of their efforts. We’re sure they would love:

A selection of beers or ciders
A bottle of their favourite spirit
A voucher to spend in their favourite clothing store

The Parents

Let’s face it, the wedding probably wouldn’t be possible without both sets of parents, would it? Many mums and dads want to pay for some part of the wedding, not forgetting the invaluable support they give to you every day: past, present and future. To show them how special they are, here are some wedding thank you gifts for parents:

Meaningful glassware for their collection
A bouquet of sentimental flowers
Tickets to a theatre show or musical event
A family photo calendar
A short family cabin trip
Money towards a cruise or holiday of their choice

Of course, not everyone can afford expensive gifts for their loved ones just after the pay-out of a wedding, as much as they’d like to.

As we said before, no one will be expecting anything at all from you so you need only make purchases in line with your budget. Just being a part of your big day will be enough for them!