When it comes to wedding stationery, there’s more to it than just your wedding invitations; Save the Date cards, invitations, place cards, table numbers, thank you cards… all of these will require some thought when planning the big day.

When Should I Start Looking At Wedding Stationery?

Right away, we say!

Most couples will adopt a theme which will be present throughout the wedding planning process and which will be hinted at in their wedding stationery.

You ideally want to have it clear in your mind what your day will look like, right from the off when you start asking people to pencil it in their diaries! Another added benefit to being organised with your stationery is that it can save you a huge amount of money if you are able to do a deal with one supplier and pay for a bundle, rather than paying various manufacturers to print different items for you.

Budget aside, the next big question is what will your wedding stationery look like? And will it set the tone for your big day or will it just offer a glimpse of what can be expected when the day comes? For many, this is one of the more fun and creative aspects of planning their wedding!

Wedding Stationery Ideas To Inspire! Unique Wedding Invitations

Are you cute and quirky and want your wedding invites to reflect this unique personality? If so, why not try your hand at designing your own! Rather than choosing from templates, there are some sites that enable you to upload your own hand-drawn designs or to personalise your invitations with images or photos that are close to your heart.

However, if you truly want to make them your own, you can cut, craft and create your very own cards, printing just an insert to be placed inside. Just remember, though, that you will probably need to make double the amount if you are to send out thank you cards in the same theme too!

Don’t forget to list what needs to be included in your cards so you don’t miss anything (think time, place, map, RSVP details, etc…).

Cool Table Plans

Have you ever heard the saying “Find your face to find your place?” at a wedding before? This is one excellent way to make your table plan different, and to draw a crowd. Eager to see which picture you’ve managed to dig out from their social media profiles, your guests will love the personal touch of having their faces appear on the table plan. Plus, it’s a great reminder of what everyone looked like that year to keep hold of for years to come, along with your professional photos.

Many design companies will be able to cater for this style, leaving you blank spaces on your table plan for you to add your printed Polaroid’s.

Edgy Place Cards

When it comes to place cards, you may want to come up with new ideas instead of simply having a traditional folded card.

Lovers of travelling have been known to play with different ideas for their place cards, injecting a bit of fun into their stationery. For instance, why not make each place card a personalised luggage tag, possibly even going one step further by adding quotes about them, facts about your favourite cities or words from other countries. This not only adds interest, it also makes for a nice keepsake for your guests who can hang it on their fridge or keep it in a memory box, never forgetting your wonderful day!