“Can I do anything to help?”

When these words are uttered by your friends and family, you can be sure that they really do want to lend a hand, so let them get involved, with some wedding day duties!

Even if it’s not in your nature to ask for – or even to accept – help from others, going it alone doesn’t make for fun wedding planning. So, here are some of our suggestions of the tasks you could delegate to give you more time to enjoy the process of planning your wedding.

Whether you decide to take these ideas on board or not is completely up to you – just don’t put too much pressure on yourself before the big day!


Let’s face it, in the days before your ceremony, you and your partner are going to be pretty busy cramming in beauty appointments, fittings, finalising details etc, therefore jobs like picking up relatives from airports and train stations could easily be left to someone else in your wedding party.

Why not ask one of the ushers if they could be a designated driver and taxi a few people around to ensure all your nearest and dearest make it on the day with no dramas?


Some of those last-minute jobs can be a bit tedious, like collecting dresses, flowers and other items from various places, so it’s a good idea to have someone lined up to help with these time-consuming tasks.

Perhaps one of your trusted bridesmaids might be the one to take on this role – just be sure to pick the organised one and not the scatty one!

Babysitting duties

If you have young pageboys and flower girls following you down the aisle, then they may need to be separated from their parents for the most part of the ceremony and the last thing you want is to be dealing with child-related issues before you walk down the aisle!

So, to avoid any untimely tantrums, you could ask one of your bridesmaids to take charge of the kids and keep them happy whilst you wait for guests to be seated. They could then come prepared with some superb distraction techniques to keep crying to a minimum (well the kids, anyway!) and the day running smoothly.


And if you want to give your dear friends or family members a job that they can be proud of, then why not give them the exciting opportunity to speak at your wedding?

You may ask them to perform a reading during the official ceremony or you could ask them to do a speech during the rowdier toasts. If the latter, then you might want to keep a close eye on the number of champagne glasses they get through in the run up to the reception toasts…

Happy planning!