In light of this year’s leap year, which only occurs every four years, we are considering proposals that go against tradition.

What is tradition?

In Western culture, proposals have become almost a ritual, with the practice taking place at a special place or a special time yet following roughly the same sequence. In the run up to a proposal, the man purchases an engagement ring then, on the day, he gets down on one knee, in private or in a public place, and asks for his partner’s hand in marriage. If she says ‘yes’, then the two are automatically engaged to be married and she wears the ring on her left-hand ring finger.

What happens on a Leap Year?

Leap Year proposals have, against popular belief, been common for a long time now despite their more modern approach to getting engaged. As long ago as the fifth century!

The tradition was said to have started in Ireland and allowed women to propose to a man, which the man would happily accept or accept that he would have to pay a fine (usually in the way of a silk or fur coat). It supposedly started when Saint Bridget put the question to Saint Patrick.

So, would your man be thrilled if you got down on one knee or would he likely become the punished man? Either way, it’s a win-win situation for the single ladies out there who can bag themselves a husband or a new overcoat!

So, why the unconventional proposals?

While it isn’t that uncommon in the twenty-first century for women to propose to men, or women, in fact, we wonder if marriage proposals are slowly evolving from the modest proposal of ‘together forever’ that once was.

For instance, men and women around the world are becoming more creative and spending thousands, if not more, on engagement rings, trips abroad to pop the question, and engagement parties to celebrate the occasion. Did you know that you can now also hire a professional Proposal Planner who will help you to plan your big proposal?

Those in the industry are quick to point out that social media is playing a huge role in how people propose, with so many influencers and ideas springing up on their feeds daily and them wanting to be a part of the action and making their own engagement more of a story to show off.

Tell us about your unusual wedding proposals!

To celebrate all of the couples who got engaged on the 29th February 2020, and all the men and women who have enjoyed proposals that go against normal tradition this year, we’d love you to get in touch and tell us about your engagement stories! Whether she asked you in your private hotel room or he shouted it from the rooftops, we want all the details!