One of the most important roles in any wedding is that of who is in charge of the rings. Traditionally, one of the page boys will walk up the aisle with the wedding rings displayed on a small pillow or something similar, generally following the last bridesmaid. It’s not essential to have a ring bearer but if can add a nice touch to the day and will long live in the memory of the person chosen to do it. Of course if you choose not to have a ring bearer, the rings remain with the best man.

Choosing a ring bearer

If you have decided to have a ring bearer at your wedding, one thing to consider though is the age and maturity of the child in question. Wedding rings may not only be materially expensive, they take on a huge amount of emotional significance too, so ensure that the child entrusted with them is responsible enough not to lose them. As well as being upsetting for you, it’s not really fair on the child to place too much responsibility on them if they can’t handle it.

If you choose a boy, generally he should be dressed very smart (although you may have a theme to your wedding that may dictate a different way of dressing). Choose to dress them like ‘mini grooms’ in a matching suit and tie which can look very smart and cute! Or why not make it even cuter and make him….Ring Security!!

If you choose a girl, then it’s easy to make them look the part. A white floaty dress that is coordinated with the bride’s dress is the order of the day here along with some beautiful flowers too.

Alternative ring bearers

Some people like their weddings to be a little bit different or a little bit more personal. One of the ways this can be done is to have a ring bearer with a difference.


Choose to have your beloved pet dog as the ring bearer! Of course if this idea appeals to you, you need to ensure that your wedding venue is OK with dogs being part of the ceremony. The rings are usually tied to the collar in a box and often the dog is dressed up a little too with an accessorised collar. If you do choose to use your dog, don’t forget to give them a few treats after the ceremony to celebrate a job well done!


A quick Google and you’ll find that there are lots of companies offering birds of prey like owls as ring bearers. Having an owl swoop down with your rings can be really spectacular and give your wedding a real sparkle. We have had this at Fennes before, and it is really impressive!