Are you planning a boho-inspired wedding and looking for tips on how to achieve this characteristic style? Whether you class yourself as a hippie, nature-loving, flower child or you just admire the unconventional ways of bohemian culture, we are here to help you nail your theme!

Take a look at our top tips below and then let the good times roll!

Mix and match your bridesmaid dresses

We know that bridesmaids traditionally wear the same colour dress, more often than not in the same style, but, as can be expected, boho brides like to go against convention and usually opt for mismatching dresses for their bridal party. This may mean having the girls wearing completely different dresses in varying cuts. One thing that they normally share in common is a hippie vibe like loose, flowing fabric, nature-inspired prints or earthy colours. Team dresses with flat, embellished sandals for the full effect rather than a pair of court shoes.

Wear your hair down and messy

If you are already a lover of all things bohemian, then you are likely to have picked quite a gypsy-inspired wedding gown (full-length, fluted sleeves and embellishments perhaps?). To keep the theme going, you may wish to wear your hair loose and natural for your wedding day. Of course, you can still add some kind of styling to your hair with boho accessories, waves and braids or if you have your heart set on an updo then you can go all in for a messy bun. Hair stylists are trained to mimic the style you have in mind so be sure to start gathering images of your dream wedding hair on Pinterest!

Get married barefoot

Okay so you might not be getting married abroad on a beach or deep in the British forest but you can still pull off a hippie theme in a modern venue like ours. Boho babes are often admired for their care-free demeanour, unbrushed hair and bare feet so to finish off your look why not not worry about finding footwear to match your dress, and instead walk down the aisle with bare feet? Alternatively, you can find some really beautiful flip flops, sandals or ankle bracelets which complete the look perfectly.

Choose an earthy décor

When you visit a venue for the first time, it can be hard to visualise it looking as you imagine. Rest assured that Fennes has catered for thousands of weddings among which many have smashed the natural bohemian look! The key in our opinion is continuity with your theme, so if you are dressing in a boho style then be sure to speak to your wedding planner about achieving a bohemian atmosphere in the ceremony room and gardens, making good use of accessories and embellishments as well as their expert knowledge!

Select wild flowers

While it’s completely up to you whether you choose a muted palette for your wedding or go bold with bright and cheerful flowers, we’d recommend asking your florist to source some wildflowers or garden style flowers for your ‘just picked from a meadow’ look. You might like to have some large-headed sunflowers for a pop of colour or you may love a bouquet filled with vintage blues like lavender and nigella, all teamed of course with eucalyptus leaves and gypsophila for that rustic appearance.