Some brides are adamant that they want to wear a veil at their wedding, but not all of them know why veils even became so popular. Historians suggest that veils were used in ancient times to wrap the woman and ‘deliver’ her to her husband-to-be, the idea being that they are untouched and unseen until the very moment they get wed.

Some women find this idea of purity and innocence a little uncomfortable in this modern era but it’s okay because, just as times have moved on, fashions have too. Brides can now choose from a range of styles, lengths, colours and embellishments when it comes to their veil, or settle on an alternative if they decide against the tradition.

Check out our easy to follow guide below to help you decide if you should wear a veil or not.

Styles and lengths

Along with concealing the bride, veils have also been thought to protect her by warding off evil spirits. If you believe in these age-old traditions, then you might be keen to opt for a full-length veil.

The Cathedral is a veil which is nine to twenty-five feet long, and trails along the floor behind the bride. This type of showstopper is normally worn with an equally grand wedding dress. Brides can alternatively go for a Tiered veil which has a detachable section at the bottom.

This, as you guessed it, elbow-length veil is perfect for gowns that puff out at the waist because it stops just above the waistline, finishing off the look perfectly. The Fingertip is a similar style but is slightly longer, stopping at the fingertips.

This elegant, bust-length veil is made up of tulle that drapes over the face and is lifted during the ceremony. Other veils which cover or frame the face are the Mantilla and the Birdcage (which could be classed as more of a fascinator).

This lengthy veil is dramatic and makes a statement but it’s also practical because it isn’t so long that it gets in the way when you are dancing during your evening reception.

Colours and embellishments

Traditionally, veils are pale in colour, to match a conventional wedding gown. Depending on your choice of dress, you may want to shop around for a veil that matches it perfectly in tone or look for a colour that enhances the palette.

For instance, The Wedding Veil Shop stocks the accessories in White, White Shimmer, Diamond White, Diamond White Shimmer, Light Ivory, Silk Effect Ivory, Ivory Shimmer, Dark Ivory, Oyster, Blush Pink and Champagne. Who’d have thought there’d be so much in the way of choice?

As you can see, veil experts not only know the importance of finding the perfect colour match for you, but also the right touch and feel. Would you prefer a satin, shimmer or lace effect? This will usually depend on if you have a plain or textured dress. For example, a modern dress with a satin sheen may not suit a lace or heavily decorated veil. Many larger stores allow you to order swatches so that you can be sure of your choice before placing an order.

Should you choose to have your veil hand-made for that added personal touch, then you can choose to have embellishments added to suit your taste and preference. To order these 3D veils commonly made with additional yarn, pearls or artificial flowers, you could seek a seamstress near to you or you could look online. Sites like Etsy are perfect for bespoke pieces and allow you to discover independent businesses that you might never have come across before.

Now that you have all of the information you could need, do you dare to veil? Take a look at some of our bridal wear Recommended Suppliers to see what they have to offer.