We’ve all been told that getting married is one of the most expensive things you’ll do in your lifetime, and, while that is true, the amount you spend can be within your control. Unlike buying a house or a car, there are ways that you can significantly keep your spending down when paying for a wedding.

Interested in knowing more? Let us run through just a few money-saving ideas for you brides and grooms about to plan your big day.

How to cut wedding costs

Of course, there are a number of obvious ways that you can bring your wedding down to budget. Choosing a small and intimate wedding, will make your wedding cheaper as will setting a date out of season.

But we know this isn’t always an option for couples, plus some may not be prepared to make such sacrifices on their wedding day. For those of you who want to find more clever ways to keep your spending down, we’ve suggested a few ideas to help make this dream become a reality.

Budget tracker for wedding planning

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it, but using a budget tracker can be a really effective way to stop you from overspending. Even if you set out with the best intentions to not go over budget, if you don’t keep a close eye on what you’re spending then the lines become blurred making it far easier to lose control of the numbers.

You can download budget trackers that can be used from your mobile phone but it’s also something that you can do on a humble Excel spreadsheet. Or the latest online planning tool www.bridebook.com is great at helping to keep to a budget and recommends how much to spend on each item in the area you choose with the number of guests you want to invite; we think it is really handy.

Prepare for a last-minute wedding

If you are able to be somewhat flexible, then you can grab yourself a great deal by booking a last-minute wedding, especially on sought after summer dates. Of course, cancellations are not guaranteed but it’s certainly something to keep in mind! We also offer last-minute deals on lastminuteweddings.co.uk keep a lookout for date you might be interested in.

Borrow from friends and family

Borrowing from family and friends who are in a position to offer financial help means that you can free up some extra cash without having to go through your bank, particularly if it is needed a little late in the day. Of course, it’s always a good idea when borrowing even a small amount of money to have some kind of contract or agreement written up.

Borrowing from your loved ones doesn’t always mean accepting money from them, you could also borrow things such as a vintage car, second-hand suits or even wedding furnishings if you are having a DIY wedding, e.g. collect decorative items/vases and ask friends and family to help create your table centre pieces.  All of which could save you money and have fun in the process!

Consider pre-loved wedding-wear

Opting for pre-loved wedding fashion can be a lifesaver when it comes to your purse strings. What’s more, wedding clothes rarely get worn again so it can make you feel a little bitter spending hundreds of pounds on items that will only be worn for a day at most. It pays to take a look at sites like www.sellmywedding.co.uk

You can hire tuxedos and bridesmaids dresses from a number of high street and department stores. Even pre-loved wedding dresses shouldn’t be out of the question because these can save you a fortune!

Differentiate between what is wanted and what is needed

Naturally, there will be a number of things you want for your wedding, but it may be necessary to reign the wedding in and focus more on what is needed. For example, you might want an extravagantly decorated/curated dining table, ask your venue if they hire items such as table runners, chargers, vases etc rather than buying or hiring from an outside supplier, it might not be exactly what you saw on Pinterest but often it can work our much cheaper.

Get creative

One of the most successful ways to reduce your spending when planning your wedding is to get creative.

Looking at paying a professional to design your invites? Why not make your own?

Are you considering a renowned baker to make your ideal three-tiered wedding cake? Have you considered getting stuck in and baking your own? If you know a friend or family member who should enter Bake-off, could be worth asking them if they would kindly make your wedding cake!

Be brave. Get creative. There are so many things that you could do yourself and reduce the costs considerably.

Make the most of venue package deals

Last, but not least, really make the most of what is on offer at your chosen venue.

When looking around, ask lots of questions and identify exactly what is offered in each package. Many think that hiring a space and hosting their own wedding works out cheapest but, in actual fact, venue package deals can be an incredibly good value for money, with all of the worry taken away from you!

We wish you luck on your journey to your very special day.

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