The first colour that pops into your head when you think of weddings is probably white, as this colour has been associated with weddings for centuries over. But it’s also fun to play with colour on your big day and to incorporate some beautiful tones that will complement those traditional hues.

Here, we’ll take a look at how you might style a Spring wedding.

Spring weddings symbolism

Spring is a popular time to get married, with late Spring marking the start of the official wedding season. But what makes people want to get hitched this time of year?

Well, it is the season most associated with love, hope and growth and with all those stunning plants starting to bloom it means that brides can choose locally sourced flowers that are in keeping with the season. Think tulips, freesia, peonies…

What’s more, thanks to Easter celebrations, Spring also conjures up images of pastel shades like light blue, soft yellow and pale pink.

But if pastels aren’t your thing, this doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a joyful Spring theme! Bold is the new black, meaning that pops of colour are the new sophisticated cool. Just check out some of our examples below to get you into the spirit of Spring.

Spring colour palettes


Since pastel shades are synonymous with Spring, it goes without saying that picking calming colours like these will invoke all the emotions associated with spring. You might opt for delicate pink tulips in your centre-pieces or blossom trees to adorn the walkways. You may even go one step further and surprise your guests by wearing a blush wedding gown.

When choosing pastels as your wedding colour theme, remember that you don’t have to stick with one colour alone or make everything match. Pastels have the greatest impact when they are used to enhance similar soft tones, which might mean having several different tones across the venue. To achieve this, you could pick different dresses for each of your bridesmaids and have contrasting flowers and décor to make each colour stand out.

For a modern take on a pastel wedding, you could offset lighter elements with dark accents, like having black glassware or tablecloths to create a striking effect. Yes, you heard right, black is not off the table at a wedding!

Bold colours

As we’ve mentioned, Spring is not just about tranquil tones, Spring is when some of the boldest flowers start to open, like bright yellow daffodils and, of course, tulips of all shades. As such, why not mimic this sudden explosion of life and colour by using some unconventional colours like zesty yellows and pops of green?

Euphorbias and lime green chrysanthemums are both great for this bold theme, teamed with an array of white or yellow stems. Not only is green and white very elegant, but it also offers a wonderfully fresh feel that will appear timeless in your photographs.

Neutral tones

Last but not least, neutrals always have a place in any wedding, no matter the time of year. Some people just aren’t into colour and that is fine, but it’s important to know that you can achieve an equally beautiful Spring wedding using a pared-back colour theme.

Rather than 50 shades of grey, think 50 shades of creams or metallics, all of which can be used to create that sense of peace and harmony that the season promises after a long winter.

It’s not just the excitement of new life that draws couples to springtime weddings, though, it’s also the fact that the weather is often beginning to turn. This means longer, brighter days and that the sun *may* make a surprise appearance. So, with this in mind how else can you bring the wonder of Spring into your wedding?

Adding a little more Spring to your step

Clearly, light and colour are the main offerings of Spring, but you could also consider embracing the season of hope by choosing an optimistic outdoor wedding. Most garden weddings will have a backup plan in the event of bad weather, but there’s nothing wrong with dreaming of a glorious spring day!

Finally, since many people choose to take holidays during the long Easter break, you could think about bringing your regular tropical holiday to your wedding venue. By mimicking exotic planting and using tropical colours, you could transform your wedding into the Easter trip you are so used to experiencing at that time of year. Even if the UK isn’t quite as sun-drenched and humid as your favourite place!

The long and short of it is that spring is a time to celebrate and all colour is welcome, pick your favourite colour combination and have fun!