Choosing your wedding theme can be a difficult process as there are lots of different ways of doing so. It could be a shared interest, favourite animal, favourite season or even something based upon the location of the wedding.

One of the simplest ways and one of the most effective is to base your wedding theme on a colour. You may think this has to be your favourite colour however there are other things to think about such what sort of mood that colour creates and more importantly what that colour symbolises. Below we take a look at what each different colour means to help you choose your wedding theme.


Yellow is a bright and bold colour that symbolises happiness and wisdom. It’s perfect for those couples who are imaginative and are seeking adventure and self-fulfilment. Perfect for summer weddings too thanks to its light and airy nature.


Red is all about health, strength and vitality. It is a strong and vibrant colour that symbolises passion too as well as enthusiasm and the confidence for you as a couple to pursue your dreams together. As a theme it is perfect for those couples that are impulsive, optimistic and who love life.


The symbolic colour of love and beauty, it also embodies some of the qualities of red albeit in a more subtle, gentler way. Pink is the perfect colour for couples who are gentle and artistic and maybe a little bit quirky too.


The colour of turmeric, it is a spicy colour and one that is perfect for those couples who burn bright with creativity and passion. It appeals to those people who are flamboyant and fun loving and who don’t take life too seriously.


Blue symbolises peace and tranquility as well as youth and spirituality. It is the perfect colour for those couples who are sensitive, compassionate and caring who take their relationship seriously.


The colour of royalty, it is also a colour that symbolises magic and mystery as well as strength and creativity. It’s particularly suitable for those couples that are artistic, open-minded and highly individual.


White is the colour most often associated with weddings. Symbolising purity and innocence, it is also symbolic of new beginnings. The simplest colour of all it can also be one of the most powerful whether used on its own or in conjunction with another colour.


Earthy, comforting and solid, it’s not one of the more popular colours for a wedding thanks to its rather dull nature However, if you are a particularly earthy couple it can make a great theme. Combined with a warm orange, it can also create a great vibe for those people who love the 1970s.


Grey may be the colour of caution and compromise, it is also the colour of sobriety, security and maturity. As a sole wedding theme colour it’s a little drab but its power is when it is combined with other colours.


Green is the colour of nature, the colour of harmony and the colour of balance. If you want to portray a feeling of relaxation it is a great choice. Perfect for weddings all throughout the year, green is a refined and subtle choice of wedding colour.


Black is the colour of style and sophistication and is the perfect colour if you want a dignified and refined wedding theme. It can be used as a colour on its own but it can also work well with other colours.


Glamorous, sleek and modern, silver can create a fantastic soothing and calming effect at a wedding. It symbolises responsibility and patience and can work well as a colour on its own or in combination with a wide range of other colours.


Gold is the symbol of riches and wealth but it also symbolises good health too. Similar in many ways to yellow, it’s great for for couples who are extravagant and flamboyant and who like a bit of bling.