Although all wedding days are about the happy couple, the day is sometimes much more focused on the Bride. That means it’s a really nice idea for the Bride to give their Groom a gift on their big day because it’s a special day for him too. Whether you choose to go for a small, intimate surprise or a large, extravagant gift, giving your groom a special gift on the big day will make the day that little bit more special for them.

But what sort of gift should you go for? Of course, you could purchase some special Bridal lingerie or something that acts as a gift for both of you, but giving them a gift that is especially for them will make him feel really special. He’ll love the fact that you have taken the time to go out and buy a special gift and made him feel really special. We take a look at some fantastic ideas of gifts you can get your groom.


Cufflinks are one of the most perfect gifts for your groom. Cufflinks are a very important part of the Groom’s attire on the day so a special pair bought especially for him by you will be welcomed on the day. You can have them engraved with his initials if you like or with some other significant symbol and he’ll be able to wear them many more times into the future.


Every man needs a nice watch, so what better occasion than your wedding day to give your man a really special one. He’ll be over the moon, unwrapping a fantastic timepiece from his bride-to-be on the morning of your wedding. The great thing about a watch is that not only can you have it engraved with a special message, it’s that a watch can be worn every day forever more, a daily reminder of that really special day in your lives.

Honeymoon Gift

If you want to give your groom a really practical gift then why not buy them something for your honeymoon? If you are going somewhere tropical, how about some fantastic designer sunglasses? Of if you’re going on a city break, why not something like a new passport cover, luggage tags or a fantastic travel book?

Hip Flask

Hip flasks are a traditional gift to give a groom on the wedding day, but don’t forget to fill it with his favourite tipple! There are lots of different types available and you can have them engraved with a special message or your initials and the date of your special day. They can be useful in the future too, especially if your man is into camping or fishing, where a nip of whisky may be very welcome on a cold day.

Whatever gift you decide to go for for your Groom, he’s bound to be very appreciative and it will really add that special touch to his day and make it one to remember for the both of you.