When planning your wedding day you may be finding yourself feeling overwhelmed. Don’t panic. This is normal. Most people planning their wedding will experience stress along the way. Whether you have wobbles over your guest list, or don’t know if you can afford your dream venue, you can relieve some of the stress with the help of these 3 essential wedding planning apps.

The original and best inspirational search engine – Pinterest

This is THE ultimate wedding planning app. If you only download one app for planning your wedding then make it this one. You can create boards and you can save images, links to websites and more. You will be able to keep all of your planning ideas in one place. Whether you are looking for inspiration for your Wedding, looking for recipe ideas or even honeymoon inspiration then look no further than Pinterest. The app is free to download and it costs nothing to have an account either. When you are looking for a burst of inspiration, or even just looking to track your ideas, then Pinterest will have something for you. Pinterest is an amazing search engine and you’ll find 1000s of new ideas being uploaded every single day.

An app for tracking all of the photographs taken – WedPics

When you are enjoying your special day you will want as many photographs as possible to look back on. Many photographers offer packages with a minimum of 200 photographs. This can initially feel like a lot, however, there are so many wonderful moments that you will want to capture. By using the WedPics app you will be able to get your friends and family to share in this part of your wedding day with you. Friends and family can download the app and you can capture unlimited guest photographs of your Wedding. This is a great chance for people to take the perfect shots and best of all you can ditch the tiresome chore of using and developing disposable cameras!

The ultimate app for all of your planning needs – Appy Couple

If your Wedding is on the larger scale then this is a fantastic planning app for you. You can track everything related to your big day with your guests. You can share details of accommodation, schedules, track your invites, your RSVPs and much more. Also, you can share a countdown and incorporate a guest book too so your guests can leave you messages about your special day. Your guests can download this app for free too which is bound to encourage people to want to get involved.

These 3 essential wedding planning apps all have something different to offer. Pinterest is a very visual app, that will help your creative juices flow. WedPics is ideal for reminiscing about your Wedding day, and allowing you to keep those memories forever. Lastly, Appy Couple is a fantastic app for all of your planning needs. If you have relatives travelling long distances, or need to share a lot of information with your guests, and are limited on time, then this is the app for you.