Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. From picking out your wedding dress down to the invitation you will send your guests each detail feels incredibly important, after all this is one of the few occasions in life that you are encouraged to have and do exactly what you want. This extends to the transport you will use on your big day and should be thought about carefully in order to tie in to your theme. Whether you choose to go traditional or trendy here are our top 6 amazing wedding transport ideas that may just help you decide how you will arrive in style.

Vintage cars

Do you fancy rocking up in a vintage Rolls Royce to your wedding? Or do you see yourself making a grand entrance in a Badsworth? Nothing quite makes a grand entrance like a stunning vintage car and many brides choose this option for the journey with their father to the church or venue. They also make some beautiful photograph opportunities and with a perfectly styled driver can give your wedding the ‘Great Gatsby’ vibe of sheer indulgence.

A Big Red Bus

A bus may not sound particularly traditional but they can look fantastic in photos and are a great way to transport guests between venues. They ensure that your guests arrive at the same time and in city slicker style. Now we must point out that a big red bus looks a lot more sophisticated than it sounds and reputable companies will only use well maintained vehicles with some added wedding touches such a ribbon or the name of your married name lit up at the front.

Horse and carriage

A horse and carriage may seem outdated in recent times however they are starting to make a come back. Perfect for the ultimate princess bride! You must consider that this particular vehicle choice can take a great deal longer to get to a venue and the weather can cause issues however it will certainly create an eye catching entrance!


Nothing quite says ‘I have arrived’ more than a helicopter entrance. Select a venue with a helipad and you can glide into your venue feeling like you have just escaped a Bond movie.

Yellow Taxi

Did you have a romantic New York proposal or jetting off there on honeymoon? Why not carry the theme into your big day with a yellow taxi? Quirky, fun and available from many reputable wedding hire companies.

Golf buggy

Are you saying ‘I do’ at a golf resort or hotel? Then why not take advantage of the golf buggy for your wedding transport? They make for some seriously fun wedding shots and many venues will only charge a small fee to allow you to use them on the day. These are also great for wedding parties that choose to stay the evening prior to avoid forking out for expensive transport just to get a nice photograph.

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