Wedding planning can send even the calmest of people into a tailspin. From dress shopping to flower picking, every detail seems excruciatingly important and it is easy to get lost in the wedding fog. It can be easy to get carried away with the latest ‘must have’ however it is important to know what mistakes to avoid making and that is where we are here to help.

Do not spend your entire budget on a wedding dress. Yes, this may very well be the most important day of your life, and yes everyone will be looking at you, however, try to keep perspective. You will only wear your dress for one day and there are plenty of great bridal stores out of city centres that carry the same beautiful designs for a fraction of the cost. Do your research; ask friends for recommendations, look for sample sales and set a realistic budget.

Keep true to what you and your partner want. It can be very easy to listen to the many opinions of family and the urge to people please can often takeover. This can often result in guests that you and your partner do not know or some tradition that kills the vibe of your day. Stand strong and politely explain that this is your day.

Pick your wedding party carefully. Those that stand next to you on your big day should be people that you trust and know have your best interests at heart. Do not rush the decision and feel obliged to select that cousin you only see at funerals. These people will be in your photos forever so be sure in your decision and enjoy every minute of planning with your best friends.

Do not plan your wedding on Pinterest. It is a great tool for inspiration and building a wall of ideas however it can very easily get out of hand. As beautiful as your ‘pinned’ wedding can look you have to stay realistic and try not to get carried away. It’s often much better to rely on the advice of your wedding planner if they have one.

Stop yourself from micro-managing vendors. Be clear about what you expect and ensure you read any contract you are expected to sign carefully. Most wedding vendors cater for several wedding a week and they can often be a great source of information so be sure to keep them on side. Micro-managing their day down to toilet breaks is not the way to go!

Do not skimp on a videographer. Many couples inevitably have to make cuts somewhere whether its numbers from the guest list or the package they choose to capture their big day. Many fall foul to the mistake of disregarding a videographer and although photographs are beautiful, nothing quite captures the day like a video.