Your wedding is arguably the most important day of your life that should be enjoyed with your most cherished loved ones. Many people get caught up in the politics when deciding who they should invite however it is important to focus on who you and your partner would like to attend not your parents or in laws. Traditionally the maid of honour is a married woman however in recent years this has often been changed to the bride’s sister or closest friend; the person they have given the most responsibility to on their big day. Choosing your wedding party can be particularly difficult especially for those that have siblings therefore we have put together our top tips to selecting your maid of honour.

Sister or friend? In the instance you are choosing between your sister and best friend we understand this is a very hard decision. Firstly, consider how close you are to your sister and whether you have been or are likely to be her first choice on her big day. If you are particularly close it may be nice to give this honour to your sister after all you are family, and this could be a lovely moment for you both. However, if you are not close then we recommend you talk to her and ask her to be a bridesmaid instead. Friends often understand the unwritten rule of choosing a sibling therefore if you do go with your sister you could also cut any tension of choosing between friends.

Who would be best for the job? A maid of honour is like the title suggests, an honour and does come with a certain amount of responsibility. From planning the hen to helping assist you with tasks on the run up to the wedding and not to mention being your right-hand woman on the day. So, it is important to consider who would be best in the role. Do you have a fabulous yet flaky friend? They may not be able to handle it and putting such a pressure on your friendship could be the start of the end.

Who says you can only have one? There is no rule as to how many maids of honour you can have so if you really cannot decide then consider making it a joint effort or simply only have bridesmaids. This can release any tension and make everyone in your bridal party feel loved and important.

Who would you call if you needed something? Now discounting your fiancé and mum think about who you would call if you needed help or to share your biggest woes with? A maid of honour should be someone you trust and see being there for the rest of your life.

Go with how you feel! Only you know who you want as a maid of honour and you must be happy with the decision so listen to your gut. Planning your wedding with your maid of honour should be an enjoyable decision so make sure you are excited by your choice not burdened by etiquette.