While the bride’s gown and her coordinated bridesmaids’ dresses are the focus of most weddings, let’s not forget that the groom and his groomsmen also want to look the part. So, whether you are looking for traditional morning suits, tweed two or three-pieces for a country theme or something more dapper for a wedding with a modern twist, then check out our guide below.

Aside from choosing the right style, there’s much more to think about when buying or hiring wedding suits for the big day!

Different styles

As we’ve already touched upon, there are many varieties of suits and styles for you to choose from.


Firstly, there’s traditional morning suits, with their famous tail effect, which are normally reserved for traditional weddings pulling out all the stops. This formal, tailored style, usually worn in black or grey with a matching top hat, will make the husband-to-be look ever so handsome but there are some strict rules to follow according to tailors! The jacket must be snug and not too boxy, the tail should ideally fall just below the knees and, in profile, the coat should make an S shape.


Vintage-style weddings often see their groomsmen wearing textured suits of wool blend, sometimes with velvet trims. Tweed is a popular choice in a variety of checked patterns, such as dogtooth or puppytooth. If wearing a fabric that is not plain, then tailors recommend that you stick to a simple shirt and tie/bow tie. Waistcoats add a touch more formality.

Modern/Black Tie

As for a modern wedding, the groom and his best man might opt for a slim fit tuxedo or a single/double breasted suit in their choice of colour. As we’ve mentioned, black, grey and navy are usually the preferred choice, however, if there’s no holding back, then the main man could wear a bright-coloured suit or a unique tartan showstopper!

Buying vs hiring

The decision really is up to you, but it more often than not comes down to your budget and how many people need to be suited and booted. Take, for example, a small wedding with just the groom and his best man, and compare this to a much larger wedding party including nephews and cousins acting as ushers along with page boys adorning the aisle and so on… if you aren’t careful you could wind up spending double (if not more!) the price of the bride’s gown on suits!

As a rough guide, suits can range in price from £50 to £500, while renting menswear for weddings costs on average £140 per piece.

Suit fittings

Suit fittings are important to avoid a poorly fitting outfit when purchasing bespoke menswear. There are some very detailed things which tailors work towards when fitting a suit, for example the length of the jacket sleeve. The sleeve should finish on the wrist and not on the hand, allowing a small amount of shirt cuff to be seen. If buying a ready-made suit off the shelf, small alterations can be made but our advice is to try on multiple brands to find one that fits best. A hand-tailored suit can take three to four fittings to get just right.

Picking shoes

The shoes should match the style of the suit being worn and may, in some circumstances, be picked to coordinate with a watch, tie or handkerchief. It is customary for the groom to wear brown or black shoes, however a pop of colour is perfectly acceptable at the right kind of wedding. Always pick a material and shoe that you like (leather Oxfords or Brogues are usually worn at traditional weddings) and, most importantly, go for the ones that are most comfortable!