Celebrate in comfort as well as style by finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes! Here, we remind you of all the things you should consider when picking bridal shoes.

What comes to mind when you think about “The One”? Beauty, curves, class? We’re talking about the engagement ring, of course, but these are actually very legitimate criteria when searching for the perfect ring!

Although the idea of getting dressed, let alone getting glammed up for a wedding, seems a million miles away at the moment, it will happen! But what are brides likely to be wearing in 2021?

Some brides are adamant that they want to wear a veil at their wedding, but not all of them know why veils even became so popular. Historians suggest that veils were used in ancient times to wrap the woman…

While the bride’s gown and her coordinated bridesmaids’ dresses are the focus of most weddings, let’s not forget that the groom and his groomsmen also want to look the part.

When preparing for a night out on the town, you might happily team your dress with your favourite go-to heels, but the majority of women will go out and purchase a special pair of shoes for their big day.

When the summer wedding season approaches, it’s hard not to get excited about buying a new dress, shirt or suit for every occasion, but what do we wear to a winter wedding?