Celebrate in comfort as well as style by finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes! Here, we remind you of all the things you should consider when picking bridal shoes.

Considerations When Choosing Wedding Shoes

Although it’s easy to fall head over heels for some pumps, it shouldn’t be a case of “If the shoe fits, buy it”. To find the perfect pair, you should do your research and take into account the following…

Your Wedding Venue Flooring

A pair of killer heels could be, well, lethal on the wrong floor.

Will there be cobbled driveways, gravel paths or possibly even soft sand at the wedding? Not forgetting a slippery dance floor where you’ll no doubt want to dance the night away, minus some unplanned breakdancing?

If you are getting wed on the beach, flat sandals will help you to glide across the sandy dunes elegantly. Boho brides, meanwhile, might be drawn to barefoot beaded accessories which can really complement their relaxed style.

As you may have discovered, grass and stilettos do not mix well, hence why brides planning on having drinks or playing games on the lawn might want to opt for a chunkier, more stable heel. As for navigating cobbles and stones, open and closed toe wedges are best for maintaining your balance and saving you some embarrassment!

Distance And Steps

If your day is to be spread across multiple venues, the chances are you’ll be going from A to B either by car, carriage or foot. All of which can take their toll on your feet. Even if your entire day is all under the one roof, you’ll still be adding significantly to your step count, believe us!

Bear in mind the time you will spend on your feet, whether moving or standing, during your wedding day which can add up to more than 15 hours.


As we’ve already touched upon, comfort is paramount when choosing wedding shoes. Who wants to be miserable and in pain on their wedding day?

Unfortunately, you will only really know if you’ve chosen comfortable wedding shoes when they’ve been tried and tested. For this reason, don’t leave it too late to buy footwear, and don’t lose your receipt either. Try to wear in your wedding shoes around the house in the weeks leading up to your wedding to be confident your feet will cope on the day.

Opting for a shape that you know and love is preferable. A heel height you’re comfortable with and the right type of strap are very important, as these will prevent unpleasant swelling and painful blisters.


It goes without saying that you want your shoes to look the part too, so how do you ensure they’re the right fit when it comes to your style?

Ideally, the dress will come first, followed by the shoes. This helps you to envisage the whole look while shoe shopping and gives you a strong starting point, particularly if you have a distinctive theme to your outfit such as a princess gown or retro bombshell midi dress.

Whether you are trying to match your shoes to your dress or find something that contrasts with it perfectly, taking a swatch of the material is a good idea as photos may not be entirely accurate when it comes to the exact shade of ivory.


Embellished wedding shoes are popular in bridal ranges as they add a sense of indulgence to an outfit. But while embellishments can offer you something positively unique, they can also have some negatives. If ordering statement wedding shoes, be aware that sequins and beads can snag the bottom of your dress so be sure to check how your gown falls.

Does Designer Guarantee Quality

For some, designer shoes are really their only option when looking at wedding shoes – they’re luxurious, extravagant, and more often than not of a superior quality. We say if you have the money and know you’ll love the product then go for it!

However, buying designer doesn’t necessarily buy you perfection.

If your budget doesn’t stretch to Louboutin or Jimmy Choo wedding shoes, don’t worry as there are many lookalikes on the market at lower prices and made with surprising quality!

Also, remind yourself that they’ll likely be covered by your dress for most of the day so unless you intend your shoes to be the focus of attention, most won’t stop to stare at your footwear.

Are Backup Shoes Necessary?

Finally, as if it’s not already hard enough to buy one pair, some experts suggest you get a second pair of wedding shoes as backup!

In fairness, this is a very good idea when you consider all the above.

So if the shoe you that excites you the most is not suited to all-day wear, a second pair of shoes might be your saviour allowing you to wear your favourites for the ceremony and photos while giving your feet a well-deserved rest later on in the day.

What style of shoe will (or did) you choose for your wedding? Let us know in the comments!